Buying and Selling Used and Surplus Process Equipment

The demand for used equipment is growing. With businesses trying to cut down their operating budget, they are relying on used equipment to meet their short and long term business requirements. JM Industrial purchases and sells used and surplus industrial processing equipment for the chemical, plastics, and mineral processing industries and businesses. For over 20 years, JM Industrial has been meeting the customer’s needs for quality used equipment at a reasonable price. Located in Millwood, WV, JM Industrial warehouses equipment that is ready to ship within hours rather than weeks of lead time. You may ask what makes JM Industrial popular with small and large businesses alike. Read the post to know more.

why purchase used equipment and machinery

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider JM Industrial for Purchasing Used Equipment & Machinery

JM Industrial has been a reliable, trustworthy source in the field of acquiring used equipment. Here are the three reasons which separates us from the rest of the market.

  • Wide Range of Industrial Products: JM Industrial specializes in buying and selling a diverse range of industrial machinery from industry-leading brands. Although the primary focus is equipment used in the loading, unloading, transfer, separating and storage of dry bulk solids, there is equipment in stock that can be used in many other applications as well. Some of our best-selling products include screeners, sifters, conveyors, fans and blowers, dust collectors, bulk bag fillers and supersack unloaders. These products are used across diverse manufacturing industries for material handling purposes.
  • Customer-centric Website: Our website is continually updated with “New Arrivals” alongside their listed price and description. A customer can view the list price right on the website without the extra step of contacting someone just to find out the asking price of a particular item. Video demonstration is also available, along with photos and a detailed description of the equipment, which helps a customer to understand the product and be comfortable with the equipment they are purchasing. The equipment is also listed on sites like our eBay Store and our You-Tube channel.
  • World-class Customer Service: Customer service at JM industrial is very proactive. Our mailing list helps keep our customers updated on our new arrivals, special deals, and much more. You may speak with experienced engineers on our sales team that can help answer questions you may have about the equipment and your application.

JM industrial has been continuously thriving on providing quality products to its customers. Our experts are always there to assist you if you are unable to make the right decision. For more information on how to get in touch with our experienced staff, click here.