9 Reasons to Choose Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible screw conveyors are the most commonly used and popular types of conveyors that are opted when it comes to conveying powders and granular bulk materials to the desired locations. The conveyors, which can convey material in any direction from horizontal to vertical, are available in several models and in varied specifications to meet the bulk material conveyance needs of industries. Whether you are moving sand, wood chips, coal, pulp, grain into mixers, packaging machines or storage bins, you will find this material handling system extremely beneficial owing to its several features. Would you like to know more on the advantages of opting flexible screw conveyors? Let’s find out the advantages of using flexible screw conveyors.

9 Key Flexible Screw Conveyors Benefits That You can Exploit

Flexible screw conveyors are one of the worthwhile additions to your factory. With relatively low cost and simple construction, they make the best option for conveying sluggish material to free-flowing material. What else are their notable features? The list follows.

  1. They can be installed at your facility easily at minimal installation costs.
  2. Flexible screw conveyors feature compact construction, making them easy transportable across the facility for bulk material handling of heavy granules, light powder, abrasive or corrosive, wet and sticky products.
  3. As they are designed with only one moving part, they require minimal maintenance and are not prone to frequent damages.
  4. They are mechanically dust-tight. They can be cleaned quickly after each conveyance by running their motor in reverse mode.
  5. They can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  6. Owing to their stainless steel construction, they can be put to use reliably for food processing, laboratory, and medical grade applications.
  7. The length of the conveying unit can be easily changed according to the conveying requirements of the water treatment, plastic and rubber, pharmaceuticals, chemicals industries, among others.
  8. With simplicity of operation, high on efficiency and performance, flexible screw conveyors give the assurance that the product is conveyed in an optimum manner.
  9. Constructed using durable components that are heat treated and tempered, the units assure maximum working life even when they are put to operation in corrosion prone industrial environments.

As mentioned earlier, flexible screw conveyors are available in varied models with a wide range of lengths, multiple inlets and outlets, sanitary designs, among others. Be sure to choose the one that rightly suits your bulk handling requirements. Get them into your facility by partnering with the right supplier like JM Industrial, who keeps a rich inventory of unused and used flexible screw conveyors of varied configurations. By associating with such a leading name, you would not only get the right equipment at an exciting price, but also get outstanding technical assistance. Grab them for your next project from JM Industrial and simplify your bulk material handling tasks.