How Rectangular Vibrating Screeners Are Better Than Conventional Separators?

Screening equipment is regularly used in various industries for a variety of processing applications. This equipment is designed to screen granulates, as well as course materials, and separate them according to different grade sizes. So, it is important to select the correct screening machine to ensure the efficiency of the processing. There are many types of screeners available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet diverse industrial requirements. Rectangular vibratory screeners are one of the common types of vibrating screen separators in use today. These screeners have high screening capacity and are used to remove oversize contamination and impurities from materials. Is that all about them? What makes them preferable? Or how they are better than conventional separators? Read the post to know more.

Rectangular Screener

What Makes Rectangular Vibrating Screeners More Popular?

As the name suggests, these screeners have a rectangular shape. The following advantages make them a suitable alternative for various types of mechanical screeners used today.

    • Excellent Impurity Control: Typically, when rotary sifter is used, the materials are forced through the screen. This forcing may damage the mesh in the long run, because conventional separators cannot inspect the oversized materials. Several times this results in the loss of good quality materials. This problem does not occur in rectangular screeners as they make use of vibratory motion for sieving. The contaminants of different sizes entering into the pan are removed using the magnetic separators. This improves the material control, as well as accuracy. This will help to increase accuracy and material control.


    • High Screening Capacity and Compact Design: The compact design of the screeners makes them fit into the production line effortlessly. This easy integration does not affect its productivity or quality. These screeners are ideal for achieving higher throughput per unit mesh area.


    • Improved Cleanability: Conventional separators consists of many hidden areas that act as bug traps. Thus, it requires a long time to clean it. However, with compact and stain steel design with fewer contact parts, the vibrating screeners offers the hygienic solution. It also allowed operators to change the screen when needed.


    • Increased Usability: Rectangular screeners are operator friendly because they do not require additional tools for disassembly, which means changing the screen is easy. In addition to this, the maintenance costs are also decreased, with few wearing parts that would have to be replaced regularly.


Thus, rectangular vibrating screeners offer several advantages over conventional separators. They can quickly sort and separate high volume materials. They are used in the number of different industries including agriculture, ceramics and food and beverage, where they are used for screening, sorting and classifying different materials. If you are really interested to take advantages of rectangular screeners for better productivity then you need to approach a reputed supplier. Instead of purchasing new rectangular screeners, you can consider used screeners for your facility. This will help to save your money. JM Industrial sells and buys outstanding industrial machinery as per the customers need.