Things to Consider When Buying Used Air Compressors

An air compressor is a device or part of a system such as a refrigeration unit, HVAC systems, and so on, wherein it facilitates constant airflow. It releases and compresses air in the system. These systems have a storage unit wherein the compressed air is stored which can be later used as energy. The air compressor keeps on filling air into the unit till it reaches its maximum storage limit. After the storage unit is filled with compressed air to its full capacity, the compressor shuts the air flow function till some compressed air gets used in the form of energy. Now, this compressor can be removed from the existing system and used in another one. So, there is a market for used air compressors apart from the new ones. However, there are certain things to consider when buying used air compressors. This post discusses tips to buy used air compressors.

used air compressors

Tips on How to Buy Used Air Compressors

Used compressors does not mean they are old or require frequent repairs. If bought from a reliable supplier, these are just as good as the new ones and affordable as well. If you are a new player, have budget constraints, or are looking for additional investments, buying used compressors can be an excellent decision. Also, if you have an urgent need, you can get the used ones faster as they are easily available. This is beneficial as it saves production loss and downtime. Here are some factors you may want to consider when buying used air compressors.

  1. Always check the overall condition of the compressor, its usage by the previous owner, and manufacturing details. This is because it is essential that the used compressor is of good quality because repairs to compressors can be expensive.
  2. Generally, air compressors are long lasting if used properly, and hence it is worth buying a used one.
  3. These compressors come in various capacities; so, check your application requirements such as if you require a simple large air tank or oil lubricated compressors. But, consider the scalability aspect, especially if you plan to expand or upgrade your machinery.
  4. Compressors can be powered with the help of gas or electricity. If you are looking to buy an electricity-powered compressor, check how it was used in the industrial unit, else it will lead to issues and repairs.
  5. Gas-powered compressors are perhaps a more flexible choice for most outdoor applications. They have a much more powerful engine and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Gas-powered compressors need a good ventilation system.
  6. When buying gas-powered air compressors, do check all the valves for possible leakages as it can be dangerous. Check for wear and tear and also get the regulators tested.
  7. Depending upon your application, check if you require a fixed compressor or a portable one.
  8. If you need a fixed compressor, make sure there is enough space and that heat or air is not trapped inside. If your application demands constant use, opt for this type.
  9. If your application needs you to move it from one place to another, a portable, lightweight compressor is definitely a good choice. If you require a heavy duty one, and yet need to move it, ensure the used compressor has a handle and wheels for easy movement.
  10. Generally, compressors are noisy when operational. If you do not want the noise, opt for the oil lubricated ones.
  11. Large air tanks are better for high-pressure applications. Small tanks are typically for low-pressure applications, and they can meet a higher pressure demand if paired with a powerful motor to enable a steady flow of air.
  12. Small tanks are typically useful for assembly lines or portable applications.
  13. Apart from the possible wear and tear, do check if the tank is clean and that clean oil is used for lubrication.

In addition to the above tips to buy used air compressor, it is important to focus on your business objectives, the frequency of utilization of these used compressors, and designs, among other things.

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