6 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Vibrating Screener

Vibrating screeners are one of the highly effective units that ease the grading and screening of raw materials of different sizes. The demand for vibration screening equipment is increasing owing to the fact that they can handle complex and low precision material screening and classification easily and quickly compared to similar other products available in the market. There are a wide range of vibrating screeners available in several designs and drive sources for more efficient, more precise screening in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, steel, and mining industries. With so many vibrating screen models available in the market it often becomes a confusing task for the users to make the right purchase. This post is thus intended to provide you with information on how to purchase vibrating screener that rightly suits the purpose, location, and working conditions.

Vibrating Screener

The Easy-to-Follow Guide to Vibrating Screener Purchase

There might be several questions bothering you when you look out to buy a vibrating screener. This is because of the multitude of options available in the market. So how to go about purchasing the right vibration screener for your applications. The following points will really help.

  • Varied Types: As mentioned earlier, when it comes to vibratory feeders, there are several types to choose from. Circular screeners, rectangular screeners and gyratory mechanical screeners are the most utilized forms of a vibrating screener. Each type is designed to serve a specific purpose. For instance, choose circular screeners when your application demands grading/screening minimal quantity of material. However, rectangular screeners are rightly suitable for heavy duty applications, which demand screening of a higher quantity of raw materials. Last but not least, gyratory mechanical screeners are the ones suitable for bulk sorting and grading.
  • Size of the Screen: It is the screen in the vibrating machine that determines the grading/sorting quality. Choosing a machine with the right screen size, thus holds an important consideration. Available in several aperture sizes, screen in the machine must also be chosen based on the type of raw materials that need to be graded.
  • Capacity: Consider the production needs and choose a model wisely. It is always a good decision to choose a circular type if there are relatively fewer materials to be sorted and if there is a space constraint at your facility. On the other hand, there is no point of choosing a circular or rectangular screener if you need to sort a large quantity in less time.
  • Application Areas:There are some sensitive areas like food processing and clean room wherein dust and noise generated by the machine would distract the other operations. Communicate with the manufacturer if you have such special requirements. 
  • Longevity: If your application demands vibrating screeners that are ought to work continuously for a long time, then you must opt for one with a high quality vibrating motor. This guarantees continuous and stable functioning of the vibrating screen equipment without any downtime due to motor from burning and exploding.
  • Nature of Raw Materials: It is advisable to buy a vibrating screener after analyzing the type of materials to be sorted or screened. Look for the special characteristics of the materials such as high static electricity, strong adsorption, and sanitary requirements before deciding on a vibratory equipment model.

Other than the things aforementioned, you must also check for the following when looking out to purchase vibrating screener.

  • Cost
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Operating temperature and speed
  • Performance and operating conditions
  • Bearing type and arrangement
  • Materials of construction
  • Space constraints in the application area
  • Installation location (indoors or outdoors)

Once these aforesaid points are analyzed, you will certainly get an idea what to choose. From the variety of options available, you will definitely be left with a very few models that serve your purpose. Hence, the selection becomes simple and to the specific requirements. You can also seek help from the supplier from whom you are sourcing the item. If you are opting to buy a vibrating screener from leading suppliers, then they will surely have a team of experts who can help you locate the right model after analyzing your requirements. One such leading name who can offer you a large variety of vibrating screener along with unmatched customer assistance is JM Industrial. The company is known for providing several varieties of unused and used vibrating screeners at affordable prices.