Things to Consider While Choosing Used Industrial Mixer and Blender

Industrial mixers and blenders hold significant importance in the food, chemical, mechanical and civil industries. Proper material blending is an important requirement in many manufacturing applications. Therefore, players in the aforementioned industries make a significant investment in mixers and blenders. It is not always important to purchase a new industrial mixer or blender because used mixers and blenders are available in the market. This post sheds light on the factors you need to consider while selecting the right blender and mixer for your industry.

Consideration factors for choosing the right industrial mixer/ blender

It doesn’t matter, whether you choose a new or a used industrial mixer or blender, some factors remain the same as the criteria of selection. Let’s discuss the factors that are found helpful in choosing the right industrial mixer blender.

  1. Batch or continuous production: This is the first factor that should be considered for choosing an industrial mixer. The batch mixing and batch size have a profound impact on production quality. In the batch production, the mixing is performed in intermediate bulk containers. In continuous production, there are fewer cycles of cleaning and discharge, therefore here the mixer of higher capacity can be chosen.
  2. Power consumption and carbon credit: Every industrial application is bound to the power consumption, and industrial mixing is of no exception. According to the Federal government’s industrial legislation, less power consumption leads to less carbon emission. For the consumption of a lesser amount of electricity, you get financial incentives as in terms of carbon credits. Lesser is the carbon emission, higher is the carbon credit. Therefore, you should go for choosing an industrial mixer, which consumes lesser power.
  3. Cross-contamination: There is a possible risk of cross-contamination while dealing with multiple ingredients. Therefore, to avoid this risk of cross-contamination, most manufacturing facilities dedicate one fixed mixer to these specific mixing applications. This is only a practical option if you need only one fixed blender or mixer. Otherwise, in the perspectives of power consumption, economy and ultimately carbon credits, it is not a convenient choice to have multiple fixed blenders. Although going for a quality, used industrial blender can cut down costs in such cases.
  4. Mixing time: Time taken for mixing ingredients is another important factor of consideration when it comes to choosing a used industrial mixer or blender. It may take over 2 hours to prepare a blender and 3 hours fill it with ingredients for mixing in many applications. The actual mixing time depends upon the material properties and the blender’s efficiency. Mixing time has a direct impact on the power consumption and life cycle of the blender. Therefore, while selecting the right blender, you should consider the mixing time crucially.
  5. Ease of cleaning: The time required for cleaning counts in the production time. Often the industrial mixing applications demand a rapid change of ingredients and thorough cleaning for avoiding the risk of cross-contaminations. Often debris produced during blending or mixing settle on bearings, paddles, and sidewalls, which leads to waste of material. Therefore, the blender must be selected such that it is easy to clean.

Benefits of choosing a used industrial mixer blender

Many times, the industrial application of the mixer or the blender is limited. Blenders may be required for a small period only. In such cases, investing in a new blender may not be a smart choice. Rather the used blender can be used for such applications with high efficiency. Let’s discuss some benefits of selecting the used industrial blenders.

  • Many suppliers provide used industrial blenders in good condition. They are already tested for efficiency. Sometimes, they are also backed with a warranty. So, you can be assured of their workability.
  • It offers economic benefits, as used blenders cost lesser than the brand new one. Also, you get the opportunity to avail branded mixers or blenders at much-reduced prices than original.
  • On the purchase of used industrial equipment, the industry gets carbon credits. Over the carbon credits, you get the financial rewards and industrial reputation ascends.
  • Buying a new industrial blender or mixer can be time-consuming. However, used industrial mixers or blenders are readily available through various trusted suppliers. So, this helps cut down your wait times.

In addition to the above-discussed factors, the choice of the right mixer or blender such as batch mixers, ribbon blenders, paddle mixers will depend on your application requirements, budget, and other things. Along with knowing how to choose an industrial mixer and blender, it is important to purchase them from trusted suppliers like JM Industrial. The company offers branded industrial blenders and mixers from industry-leading brands such as Paul O Abbe, Komline Sanderson, Loire Boutonnieres, and so on. If you are still confused about choosing the right industrial mixer and blender, the experts at the company will help you make the right selection.