What to expect from a Used Equipment Dealer?

As a buyer in today’s economic landscape, there are many options when choosing what to buy and where to buy it from. This is no different when it comes to buying industrial processing equipment. Buyers may choose to buy new equipment from a reputable manufacturer, or a somewhat “off-brand” of the same equipment. However, the price and lead time of these options may not be a good fit for every buyer. One option that some may forget about is availability of quality used equipment offered at an affordable price that is in stock and ready to ship from a used equipment reseller. When a buyer needs industrial equipment to replace a broken machine, or to start a new process in a growing business, used equipment can be a great solution to the problem that really helps get the job done at a reasonable cost. However, buying used equipment can be much different than buying new equipment. With the internet giving the ability to sell used equipment all over the world, there are many different companies offering equipment for sale, making the decision of who to buy from and what to expect a bit difficult. In this post, we’ll discuss some handy tips and the factors to consider while thinking about a used equipment dealer.What to expect from a Used Equipment Dealer

Factors of Consideration for Choosing a Used Equipment Dealer

The following are some of the important factors to consider before approaching a used equipment dealer.

Inventory of Products: A relationship with a used equipment reseller can be very valuable. There are advantages to buying multiple pieces of equipment from a reseller and being able to find a company that has a large inventory of the types of equipment that you need in your process will provide you with a great source that can quickly provide you a solution when you need industrial equipment.

Inspecting storage facilities: There are many used equipment listings on the internet that are being listed by someone other than the actual owner of the equipment. Working with a used equipment company that has their equipment stored at their facility makes inspecting the equipment and ensuring the equipment is in working condition much easier. The condition of the equipment should be accurately represented in the listing and no one knows the actual condition better than the company who has the equipment at their facility. When you are purchasing from an online store, you may ask a dealer to share images of equipment in various angles, or even a short video of it operating if possible. Also, feel free to request an on-site inspection of the equipment before buying.

Past industrial experience: Past experience is very important in judging the amount of knowledge possessed by the vendor. Dealer must be aware of trends and technologies, so that they may be able to guide the buyer and help him make the right choice. A company that has a large inventory of certain types of equipment will likely have familiarity to help find the equipment you need as well as be offering it at a reasonable price. You can also check online reviews or ratings on selling sites such as eBay to learn about a dealer’s reputation.

Timely turn-around on orders:A used equipment dealer that is experienced and trustworthy should have the systems in place to get you the information you need, process an order, and ship the equipment in a timely manner. There is used equipment listed for sale by individuals or even companies that don’t specialize in selling used equipment on a regular basis, or haven’t been doing it long enough to have an efficient way of processing the transaction. This can result in a undesired experience with used equipment that you wouldn’t get with a reseller that makes the effort to make the buying and selling process smooth and satisfactory for everyone. Make sure the reseller can provide information, process orders, and ship equipment in a reasonable amount of time.


When buying used equipment, be sure the dealer you choose can offer the type of used equipment you need, with knowledge about the equipment and an ability to ensure the condition, as well as able to complete the transaction in a timely manner. There is always some risk behind buying used equipment, but it can also be very beneficial to your business if you know what to look for when deciding what to buy and where to buy from.
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