11 Tips to Follow Before Making an Heavy Equipment Purchase

Buying a heavy equipment is a big decision and several factors need to be considered before going ahead with the purchase. Cost is a crucial factor and so is the exact requirement. In the market, there are several options available, and selecting the right equipment can be tricky. Also, based on the budget and frequency of use, one may decide to buy used industrial equipment which is relatively more affordable. There are several service providers who rent out equipment for a certain period of time. This is also an economical option available for new businesses, which cannot afford a huge capital investment. But, if you are sure you need a certain equipment and are ready to invest, then here are some heavy equipment purchase tips, which may be of use in your decision making process.

A Few Important Heavy Equipment Purchase Tips

Visually inspecting the machine carefully does provide a lot of clues about the machine quality and functioning. However, when making a heavy equipment purchase, looking at a few other factors is just as important. Whether you buy a new or a used equipment, considering these factors would certainly help you make the right decision:

    • Requirement Analysis: Analyze your requirement versus the budget. Figure out how much you need it and who would be operating the machine. Also, analyze if you can buy a used machine or need a brand new one. Aside this, also consider if you can rent it from a broker, especially if you require it for a temporary period.


    • Frequency of Use: Figure out how many times you would use that machine in a day or week. This factor will help you decide if you would want to invest in a new or used machine or rent it.


    • Budget: This is a crucial factor; however, you need to weigh it as per the quality you require.


    • Market Research: Before you zero in on any machine, it is important to do your homework well. On the Internet, search for maximum brands of the machine you require. Go through their features in detail. Match them with your exact requirement and budget. Also, find a number of renowned dealers in your area, and the ones you can actually go and meet. If it is a used equipment, go and meet the owner. There are umpteen dealers selling used equipment as well.


    • Look for Reliable Dealers: Buying it from a reliable dealer is crucial, and so is the communication you have with their team. This helps avoid any legal or documentation-related hassles, and you are assured of the machine quality. It is good if the dealer is part of some authority or regulatory body of dealers, as it increases their credibility.


    • Visual Inspection: Observe the equipment carefully, scroll through all the parts. Dry run the machine or equipment. Note if there are any cracks, corrosion, rust, and possible leakages. Check for certain emissions or sounds that are unusual, especially in case of engines.


    • Equipment Testing and Inspection: This testing and inspection should be done by a professional or an expert in the field. Depending on which equipment or machine it is, typically this person would check the engine, pumping system, hydraulics, oils & lubricants, and more.


    • Study Equipment History: Apart from the technical aspects and the functioning details, it is crucial to check if the equipment fits into the current compliance and regulation norms. Aside this, check how many repairs the equipment has undergone. Check the operated hours or how much it is used. Lastly, check if there is any loan or financial dues pending by the initial owner in case it is a used equipment. Also, ensure it is not stolen.


    • Policy and Regulatory Compliance as required by the Law: Legal compliance and regulations need to be followed majorly in three aspects— environment related, worker safety, and maintenance of the machine at later stages. When you buy, consider all these aspects and ensure it is cleared of all the legal aspects where you may otherwise get stuck.


    • Buying Environmentally Friendly Equipment: Buying environmentally-friendly machines is the need of the hour, not only because of the legal norms but also it helps you create a certain goodwill in the market.


    • Safety of Workers and Premises: Make sure the machine quality is good and it has no breakdown history, which may compromise on the safety of the workers operating it as well as damage the surrounding equipment.


So, once you have decided on the equipment, budget, and other factors, it is crucial that you buy it from a known supplier. JM Industrial buys, sell, and broker of high-quality used industrial process equipment & machineries.