Top 8 Used Industrial Machines Available at Lower Prices

A large number of different types of equipment and machinery are required in industrial environments. A lot of organizations are on a lookout for buying a good-quality and brand-new equipment for their needs. However, it is not always a good idea of buying new equipment for processes. If you can get quality used equipment, then why not go for it? Now, you may ask, “Are there any benefits of buying used equipment?” Well, there are many.

    • You get equipment at lower prices compared to the unused ones. Though used equipment are cheaper than the new ones, their quality is not compromised.


    • You can buy branded equipment at affordable prices. Thus, you get to operate a quality branded equipment without the need of burning your pockets.


  • Buying used equipment gives you flexibility. How? Suppose, you need an equipment just for a short term project. Then, you can buy a used equipment, get the job done, and sell it with very little depreciation. Buying new equipment, on other hand has longer waiting times, thus causing a significant loss in value.

Like this, there are several benefits of buying a used equipment. Now, which are the used industrial equipment available at affordable prices? Read on to know:

Which Industrial Machines are Available at Lower Prices than New Ones?

Here is a list of top used industrial machines that can be availed at lower prices as compared to the new ones:

    • Granulators: Granulators are high-speed open mills, which feature rotor knives. These industrial equipment are basically used to reduce large components of feed stock, such as bottles, plastics, and organics, to small particle sizes.


Granulators are widely used in the following applications and industries:

      • Animal Feed
      • Agriculture Fields
      • Chemical Industries
      • Pharmaceuticals


    • Centrifugal Fans: The industrial centrifugal fans and blowers are specially designed for a diverse range of airflow pressure and volume applications.


The industrial centrifugal fans and blowers are used in applications, which includes:

      • De-dusting
      • Paint Booths
      • Glass Industry
      • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
      • Agriculture and Silos
      • Boilers and Ovens


    • Aerators / Lump Breakers: As the name suggests, aerators or lump breakers are equipment that are used to reduce the solids (either moist, semi-moist, or dry) to small grain size. The blades of an aerator move in counter-rotation, which helps reduce the lump size and aerate the material under process.


Lump breakers are generally used in the following industries:

      • Chemical
      • Food
      • Plastics
      • Minerals


    • Vibrating Conveyors: Vibrating conveyors are used to convey dry bulk materials. These equipment are capable of operating in harsh and corrosive environments. These conveyors handle fragile items gently. These equipment are energy efficient and deliver quiet operation.


The vibrating conveyors are widely used for:

      • Screening
      • Classifying
      • Sorting
      • Orienting


    • Forklifts: Forklifts are a kind of trucks, which are used to lift and move large loads in various industrial environments. They feature a vertical load carrying frame, with two horizontal forks. The frame can be moved in a vertical plane to lift and place different loads. They are also referred to as fork trucks or lift trucks. These are one of the most important machines employed for material handling requirements.


The forklifts are widely used in a large number of industries, some of which include:

      • Beverage
      • Automotive
      • Paper
      • Ports and Logistic Centers
      • Iron and Steel


    • Continuous Cup Elevator Z Type Bucket Conveyors: The continuous cup elevator Z type bucket conveyors are used for conveying products that require gentle handling. These equipment feature a horizontal conveyor, a vertical elevator, and then again a horizontal conveyor at the top. The buckets in the equipment are generally FDA approved. The frames of these equipment can be made from stainless steel or painted carbon steel, and can have different wall designs.


The continuous cup elevator Z type bucket conveyors are well known for gently conveying:

      • Fragile Materials
      • Snack Foods
      • Seeds


    • Ribbon Blenders: Ribbon blenders are one of the widely used equipment in blending applications. These equipment features a horizontal trough, and a ribbon agitator with two helical agitators (inner and outer). The inner agitator moves in one direction, while the outer moves in the opposite direction. This helps blend even the smallest quantity of ingredient.


The ribbon blenders are used to blend:

      • Abrasives
      • Fertilizers
      • Chemicals
      • Pharmaceuticals


    • Screeners: The screeners are industrial machines used to ensure the optimum quality of powders or liquids. It makes sure that all the oversize contamination has been removed from the process. These equipment help maintain the productivity of production process of any industry.


These equipment are used in a number of major industries, including:

    • Fertilizers
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Food
    • Chemical

With this, we complete the list of 8 industrial equipment. Now that you have enough knowledge about the topic, it will definitely save you from the dilemma – should you go with the new equipment or the used one. Basically, the decision is situational and can only be made depending upon the requirement at the particular moment.

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