Top 5 Material Handling Industry Trend 2019

Material handling sector, which is a critical intermediary in the economy of a country, has been going through many significant changes. Technological advancements has hit the sector positively, adding to the efficiency of material handling and management. Would you like to know various modern trends in material handling that are revolutionizing the industry today?

Material handling sector has witnessed tremendous growth over the years. Several new and positive things happening every year are shaping the material handling and logistics workforce. What are the current material handling industry trend you need to know as a player in the field? Here listed a few amongst them.

Recent Material Handling Industry Trends

  • Doors are Open to Young Workers: The year 2019 has witnessed a steady growth of employment opportunity for young workers. The current workforce is retiring, which demands the need for young blood to occupy several leading positions in the sector. Such opportunity for qualified young employees surely will have a positive impact to the global material handling industry.
  • Women are Gaining Priority: Material handling industry, even recently, was male dominated. All the positions including top and bottom levels were handled by male employees. Female presence were limited only to executive level, research, and development. However, the situation has changed, wherein more and more female employees are being hired for all the levels, which is a highly appreciated change.
  • Fast and Efficient Material Handling: Online shopping is today‚Äôs trend! The same had affected the way material handling industry is functioning. While customers shop products online, they also expect a faster delivery. This in turn urges the sector to develop the most efficient and the fastest material handling processes possible.
  • Automation: The implementation of automated systems and the use of robots have revolutionized the way materials are transported, stored, and distributed. Traditionally, the handling of materials in factory, warehouses and distribution centers were majorly happened utilizing man power. However, the same has changed drastically over the years. Advances in technology have lead the installation of several innovative automated systems and robots that not only help to speed up processes but also streamlining the bottom line.
  • End of Some Jobs: Material handling is a huge sector involving several jobs. With the advancements in technology and automated equipment, several jobs that required man power no longer exist. For examples, there are now high end packaging machines that automate the entire product packaging job, which were once done manually. Similarly, introduction of high tech conveyors has minimized the need of workers to carry materials to and fro between various processing stations. However with the introduction of robotics, there are even doors open up for new kind of exciting jobs for robotics engineers, software developers, technicians, sales engineers and operators.

Material handling is a dynamic field. Although traditional workplace practices are being challenged, modern trends in material handling only helps to grow the industry. As outlined before, the trends and technological innovations will certainly make a huge impact on the material handling industry this year and in coming years as well. If you are a player in the field, perhaps you already know the importance of investing in advanced machinery for material handling. Perhaps, if you have been avoiding it for the reason of huge upfront investments, then there is a solution for you. There are several players in the market who provide unused and used material handling equipment in good condition, and luckily JM Industrial is one of them. The company provides branded used and unused material handling equipment at affordable prices.