Benefits & Types of Industrial Blenders & Mixers

Mixing of materials is a very common step in most manufacturing processes, and hence industrial blenders or mixers are used. These materials may be in any state such as solid, liquid or viscous. They could have different consistencies such as granules, coarse powder, sticky, abrasive or solid stone-like among others. For the further process to be flawless, the materials should be blended as required. This blending is performed using various types of industrial blenders. A manufacturer needs to choose the right one based on their requirement, with some amount of customization if needed. This post discusses various aspects to consider when buying new, as well as used industrial blenders.

How to Choose the Right Type of Industrial Blender

Depending on your application requirement, there are some factors that you may want to consider when buying an industrial blender. What are they? Here, those factors are being analyzed through various types of blenders and their intended performance.

Industrial Agitator

    • Agitators: These are used for liquids, and where constant churning is required. It has a central axis, and the rotating blades.

Ribbon Blenders

    • Ribbon Blenders: These are used to mix dry and bulk solids. These blenders have ribbon-like paddles, which rotate around a central axis. These are useful when removing lumps formed due to moisture, and find a large application in the F&B industry. These blenders also find applications in plastic resins and fertilizers segments.


Paddle Mixers

    • Paddle Mixers: This mixer is useful for making granules out of tablets or solid chinks of materials. They are useful in case you need to blend a mixture of wet and dry materials, slurries, and viscous fluids. As the name suggests, they have paddle-shaped blades.


Double Cone Blenders

    • Double Cone Blenders: Some materials need to be blended gently. Double cone blenders are suitable for such gentle mixing.


    • Vibrational Mixers: To achieve the required blend, ultrasonic waves are applied in this type of mixer. This is also called ultrasonic mixer. This involves the application of acoustic pressure, which helps form a fine blend.


    • Homogenizers: These mixers form a homogenous mixture of various heterogeneous fluids by breaking them down into a complete blend through applied pressure and force.


Industrial Static Mixers

  • Emulsifiers or Static Mixers: These mixers are used to blend two or more immiscible fluids such as oil and water. As the name suggests, these are static and do not have blades which rotate. Instead they have channels in a pipe through which the fluids flow before getting mixed. Large molecules are broken down into small ones to make them equal to the size of small molecules in the other liquid. This is the process of emulsification.


Owing to their increasing use across various industries, you will find these industrial blenders and mixers in different configurations and designs. It is not always necessary that you need to invest in new blenders and mixers only. Nowadays, you do get good-quality used equipment whether it is a mixer or any other machinery. Certainly, there are benefits of buying used blenders especially if you are a new player in the market or have a restricted budget for capital investment. These benefits are being discussed in detail in the next section.

if you are a new player in the market or have a restricted budget for capital investment. These benefits are being discussed in detail in the next section.

Benefits of Buying a Used Industrial Blender

The benefits of investing in a used industrial blender are many, however, the following are a few prominent ones.

    • Reduced Costs: Instead of investing a huge amount in buying a new blender, opting for a good-quality used one is anytime cost effective. So, most times, used blenders offer a good value for investment.


    • Production Time Boost: There is no waiting period when you buy a used mixer, so there is no loss of production time. In fact, once installed, you can immediately start working.


    • Fast Delivery and Installation: The time taken to place an order for a new blender, its delivery and installation is far more than that required for a used blender.


  • Used but Good Brands: You get to use good brands in perfect condition at reduced prices.

So, used blenders not only save on costs but also on production downtime and training time.

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