4 Types of Dust Collectors Used by Today’s Industries

Dust, debris and various other granular solid or powder filled air possess several threats to industries. It not only leads to health issues especially with respect to respiratory systems but also damages properties in the workplace. Hence, there is a high demand for a system to improve the air quality of industrial facilities.

When you think about investing on such systems, don’t ever forget to check out the efficiency & usefulness of the so-called dust collectors. These versatile equipment have been found immensely helpful in increasing the quality of air released and thus contribute to ensuring pollution free, safe environment. Readily available in several models, these dust collecting systems handle high-volume dust loads. Installing these systems, thus minimizing the rate of pollution at the workplace. In this post, we will discuss the popular models of dust collectors that are in use in industries today.

Types of Dust Collectors and their Features

Since there are several varieties of dust collectors available, it often becomes a daunting task for the users to select the right model. The following listed points will be thus helpful for you to understand the most popular types of dust collecting units.

Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclones: These economical centrifugal separators can be opted when your requirements call for removing high-volume dust from industrial applications. They are commonly used as pre-filters as they are best at capturing fine particulates. Available in a wide range of models, these sturdy and rugged systems are rightly suitable for both home-sized shops up to medium/large scale industries. Cyclones can be custom designed as per the size range of the particles that are being intended to remove. Cyclones are ruggedly built using the finest quality materials to withstand the conditions in the operating areas.


  • No moving parts
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Compartmentalized construction
  • Fully-welded construction
  • Removable cone section for easy replacement


Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collectors: Widely chosen for pharmaceuticals, cement, powder & coating, metals & minerals, chemicals, and steel industries applications, these dust collectors are rightly suitable for solids processing and product recovery projects. They are made to optimize numerous dust collection applications, and thus assuring clean and pollution free air around. Available in a wide range of sizes, Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collectors are the best and the most efficient filter for your facility’s needs.

  • Low consumption of compressed air (for cleaning)
  • High filtering efficiency even for the finest dust
  • Filter media selection as per application.
  • Accessories as per client’s request.
  • Automated self-cleaning of filter bags
  • Continuous operation
  • High filter rates
  • Weatherproof – all welded construction


Shaker Dust Collector

Shaker Dust Collectors: Ideal for small to medium size shops and industries, these dust collection units handle high air volume with moderate dust loads. Different configurations of the shaker type dust collectors are available to meet the application requirements.  Shaker-style systems, which are ideal for intermittent processes, are one of the most cost-effective dust collectors available in the market today. These are one of the oldest forms of dust collects, which are still in popularity today.

  • Low initial costs
  • Modular construction
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy filter maintenance
  • Safety options
  • Easy filter cleaning mechanism
  • Self-contained system
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact designs

Vacuum Cleaning Equipment


Vacuum Cleaning Equipment: Vacuum cleaners are designed for durable and reliable service wherein dust, debris and related pollutants pose threat to the daily operation. Designed to meet all industrial clean-up applications, they are widely recognized as the high-tech and functional solution owing to their design with impressive suction power, and smart filtering system. Removal of dirt and debris is now easy in confined areas, dust-sensitive machinery, laboratories and clean room facilities.

  • Low noise engine
  • Faster and easier clearing of larger areas
  • Built to run for long hours and in extreme conditions
  • Hardened alloy construction

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