Types of Heat Exchangers Available at JM Industrial

Heat exchange is important for the functioning of applications across various industries. It involves the transfer of heat between two different mediums. For instance, it can be between solid particulates and a fluid, a solid surface and a fluid, or between two different types of fluids. This energy transfer is facilitated through a special type of device known as a heat exchanger. With their increasing demand across various industries, today, it is easy to find distributors offering these heat exchangers in various configurations and at competitive prices.

JM Industrial is one of the leading distributors of used and unused heat exchangers in the USA. The company has huge inventory of most comprehensive selections of these devices. Do you want to know different types of heat exchangers available at JM Industrial? This post explains these types in detail.

Popular Heat Exchangers Provided by JM Industrial

With the advancement of technology and the subsequent evolution of various industries, the demand for unique heat exchangers has increased. JM Industrial fulfills the requirements of its industrial customers by offering the following types of heat exchangers:

  • Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchangers: These heat exchangers feature several tubes, which enable the easy flow of fluid between them. There are two sets of tubes involved: the first set involves the fluid, which needs to be cooled or heated. The second set features liquid, which is responsible for triggering the heat transfer. These are one of the most popular types of industrial heat exchangers owing to their flexible designs. They are suited for a wide range of temperature and pressure applications. Shell and tube type heat exchangers are most commonly used in the power and petrochemical industries.
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers: These are also one of the most popular types of heat exchanging devices used in various industries. Air cooled heat exchanging devices are used in those industries, where there is a shortage of a reliable water source. Air serves as a cooling medium in such applications. Mostly, these heat exchangers are fitted at the exhaust end of a steam turbine. Air cooled heat exchangers are used for applications involving mechanical drives and for power generation.
  • Spiral and Helical Heat Exchangers: These are one of the important types of helical-coil heat exchangers. As the name suggests, these heat exchangers feature helical tube configuration, which comprises two flat surfaces that are coiled around each other to produce two channels. The channels are positioned for a counter-flow arrangement.
  • Plate Type Heat Exchangers: These heat exchangers are made of several rectangular steel plates, which are joined together and have a small space between them. The small space is created using a rubber gasket. These heat exchangers typically have a large surface area to enable the heat transfer. There is an opening in each rectangular plate to support the fluid flow. Each plate extracts the heat of the fluid when it flows through it. These exchangers can effectively heat and cool the fluid. Plate type heat exchangers find applications in the refrigeration segment.
  • Electric Heaters: As the name indicates, these devices are designed for the conversion of electrical energy into heat. Electric heaters are a popular choice across industries, commercial organizations, and in homes.

JM Industrial stocks all the above-mentioned heat exchangers from industry-leading brands. These devices are made available at cost-effective prices and in shortest lead times.