Used Belt Conveyors: All Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Buying a used belt conveyor system can be confusing. It is understandable that buying used industrial equipment may cause a few concerns. However, good quality used or surplus belt conveyors are proven to be highly efficient and economically beneficial in comparison to brand new belt conveyors. Industries like material handling, mechanical, automation, and so on utilize conveyor belts in manufacturing and assembly units. The significance of conveyors has increased owing to the implementation of automation in industrial systems. Considering these factors, an appropriate selection of conveyor belts is important. When it comes to buying used belt conveyors, consideration of multiple factors is required. It eventually leads to several questions from the buyer’s end. This post discusses the most frequently asked question-answers- QAs for used belt conveyors.

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Frequently Asked Used Belt Conveyor Questions

The following are the questions asked by the buyers when it comes to the selection of a used belt conveyor.


  • Why Should I Buy Used Belt Conveyors?


It is one of the obvious QAs for used belt conveyors. The following are a few reasons that prove that the used belt conveyors can be beneficial as compared to the new ones.

    • Used belt conveyors cost much less than new ones. Since it is used industrial equipment, the cost of the equipment reduces without much reduction in the efficiency.
    • The used conveyors are readily available. Unlike new conveyors, the used conveyors require no production time which leads to time reduction in delivery of the final products.
    • The performance of used belt conveyors is already tested by the previous user. Therefore, the functional data and parameters recorded by the first user can give you an exact idea about the working of the used conveyor.


  • How Much Money Can I Save on Used Conveyors?


Generally, you can expect to get nearly 30-40% cost reduction as compared to the new conveyor if you buy a used or surplus conveyor. However, the cost of used/surplus conveyors may differ according to the supplier and delivery requirements.

    1. Does the Maximum Load Carrying Capacity of The Used Belt Conveyor Remain Same as New?

The maximum load-carrying capacity of the conveyor remains the same across the lifecycle. The conveyors are specifically designed for a calculated load-carrying capacity against the calculated lifecycle. Therefore, the load-carrying capacity of the used belt conveyor is expected to be nearly the same as the new one. Slight deflection in capacity is expected due to operational losses.


  • Can The Used Conveyor Belt System Be Customized?


Yes, the used belt conveyor systems can be customized for specific applications. Components like motors, pulleys, etc can be changed based on the customization requirements. Parameters like belt inclinations, roller support, etc can be managed based on operational requirements.


  • Can I Reduce Carbon Footprint by Opting for Used or Surplus Belt Conveyors?


Reduction in carbon footprint comes as an additional benefit of using surplus or used conveyors. It helps the user to reduce the carbon footprint on individual ends. As the industrial equipment is being reused, it does reduce carbon footprint during operation if all operational requirements are followed properly. On the manufacturer’s end, it is helpful as a reduction in the need for manufacturing new conveyors results in a reduction in industrial procedures, which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint.


  • How do I Select Correct Used Belt Conveyor for My Applications?


The selection of a used or surplus belt conveyor is the same as selecting a new conveyor. You need to consider the following factors.

    • Load carrying capacity
    • Power requirements
    • Tension in belt
    • Belt and pulley dimensions
    • Maximum operation speed
    • Tolerance to external factors like rusting, oil, chemicals, etc.
    • Performance parameters and overall efficiency


  • Do I Get Installation and Maintenance Services for Used Belt Conveyors?


Yes, no matter new or surplus, the belt conveyors require appropriate installation and maintenance services. Being continuously operating mechanical units, the conveyors require occasional troubleshooting and maintenance which is provided by the supplier. Also, the installation of conveyor systems requires skilled labor and calculated adjustments, therefore, the installation service is often provided by the supplier.


  • How Can I Ensure The Quality and Performance of the Used/Surplus Belt Conveyors?


To ensure the quality of used or surplus belt conveyors, while sourcing the equipment, you should ask for a performance data sheet and testing and inspection reports from the supplier. The prominent suppliers like JM Industrial offer the used or surplus belt conveyors only after testing them for performance efficiency, power requirements, and other operational specifications.

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