Used or Unused Electric Motors – Which One to Choose?

Over the last few decades, electric motors have been used in several industrial segments owing to their durability, ease of operations, and many other beneficial features. There are many online platforms and suppliers which facilitate buying and selling used or unused motors. Although most businesses may think of buying a new motor, used motors can also serve the purpose and also save on costs. There are certain factors you should consider before deciding to buy used electric motors or new ones. These include the original manufacturing date, possible customization and addition of features, low cost, and so on. This post discusses the benefits of electric motors, both used and unused ones.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Unused or New Electric Motors?

There are many advantages of buying new electric motors. The following are some of the major benefits that explain why to opt for new electric motors than used ones.

  • Durability: When you buy a new electric motor, then in all probabilities, it is untampered. Also, there is a kind of assurance of durability and seamless functioning, and the fact that you may not have to spend money on repairs or part replacement. New equipment is also more likely to have advanced features, technology, and so on.
  • Minimum Maintenance: Periodic and preventive maintenance are crucial for any machine including electric motors. However, the cost and time spent on maintenance may be minimal in this case. A well maintained motor can manage to offer up to 30,000 hours of operating life without demanding major repairs.
  • Offer Years of Warranty: Almost all new machines come with a warranty that assures smooth functioning and planned maintenance. New electric motors are warranted to be free of defects for a period of up to a year. This offers peace of mind to the buyer.

Why Choose Used Electric Motors?

Despite so many varieties of new motors, there is a huge market demand for used motors as well. This is because just like unused electric motors, there are several benefits of used electric motors as well. The following are some important ones.

  • Low Cost: You can consider buying a used motor if you are a new player or have budget constraints, One of the important benefits of buying used electric motors is that it could cost lesser than a new one. If you buy used electric motors, it will help you to save money which could invest in some other important business areas. One can easily buy two or more used electric motors at the cost of one new motor.
  • Holds Its Value: This is another benefit offered by used electric motors. It holds its value even when used for a long time. But, for this, it’s highly essential to maintain the motor properly. One can sell used electric motors in the market as there is good demand for used equipment. As long as the motor is in a good condition and the documents and user manuals are in place, the value depreciation is low. These documents are important as the buyers can see the maintenance history of the equipment.
  • Customization and Refurbishment: Use motors can be improved and customized to suit your requirements. Also, most players who are authorized to sell used parts or equipment carry put all the repairs and replacements needed in the motor. So, the refurbished motor looks brand new and has a long operational life.

There are is an abundant variety of used and unused electric motors and drives available in the market from where you can choose as per your need. However, buying a used electric motor is indeed economical as well as time saving. If you are looking to buy used electric motors, then you should approach industry leaders like JM Industrial. The company is providing a huge variety of used and unused electric motors at affordable prices, and has a technical team which can assist you in the selection process.