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JM industrial buys and sells used air compressors and compressed air dryers. If you are currently interested in purchasing used air compressors, browse the list below that we currently have in stock. If you want to sell used air compressor, please contact us. Our large inventory has included used industrial air compressors and compressed air dryers from manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Kaeser Compressors, Ingersoll-Rand, Clyde Pneumatics and more. Air compressors are devices that convert power into potential energy, which in turn is used to power various types of equipment. These devices use an engine or a motor to pump air into a tank, which is also referred to as a holding tank. This air is then used to power devices. Also, it can be stored or released into an environment with less or equal PSI capacity than the capacity of the tank. These used commercial air compressors can meet the requirements of many manufacturing applications. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Air Compressors

Types of Used Industrial Air Compressors

Whether new or used air compressors, they are classified into different types based on the following categorization:

  • Level of Pressure Delivered: Air compressors are distinguished into three types based on the amount of pressure delivered. These include the following:
    • High pressure air compressors (HPACs): These air compressors possess a discharge pressure of 1,000 psi or above.
    • Medium pressure air compressors (MPACs): They offer a discharge pressure of 151 PSI to 1,000 PSI.
    • Low pressure air compressors (LPACs): The air compressors of this type are ideal for pressure applications requiring air pressure of 150 PSI or less.
  • Method of Air Compression: There are several methods of air compression. Most air compressors following these types of compression:
    • Positive Displacement: These compressors force air in a low volume chamber. As the maximum pressure is achieved, a valve or port is opened and the air is discharged to the outlet. This discharge is made through the compression chamber. Positive displacement compressors are further distinguished into the following types:
      • Piston Type Compressors: These compressors feature pistons increasing the pressure as well as reducing the air volume. Piston type compressors are also known as reciprocating air compressors. They may follow two types of compression cycles: single-stage and two-stage. A single-stage piston is known so because it compresses the air in one stroke. A two-stage piston compresses the air in two phases. The first piston compresses air and moves it into a small cylinder, where it is compressed by another piston. This generates high pressures.
      • Vane Compressors: These compressors use a slotted rotor with a blade displacement, which in turn guides air into the chamber. The air is compressed in the chamber. Vane compressors deliver a fixed volume of air at elevated temperatures.
      • Rotary Screw Type Compressors: They utilize two helical screws that drive air into the chamber, where compression occurs at the turn of the screw.
  • Dynamic Displacement: These compressors feature a rotating component which imparts kinetic energy to the air. This air is converted into pressure energy. The following are a few important types of dynamic displacement compressors.
    • Axial Compressors: These compressors make use of rotating blades to compress the gas. The gas flows parallel to the rotation axis. These compressors achieve the highest volumes of air ranging from 8000 to 13 million CFM.
    • Centrifugal Compressors: These compressors utilize rotating impellers for producing high-pressure discharge. They rotate at high speeds in comparison to other types.

The above various types of surplus air compressors is crucial when selecting the appropriate air compressor for various industrial applications. If you re looking to purchase a used air compressor, check out our inventory of used air compressors for sale at JM Industrial. Our expert team ensures that all our second hand air compressors are in excellent working condition before listing them for sale.

Applications of Used Air Compressors

We regularly provide used industrial-grade air compressors in various pressure ranges, which meet the needs of several critical high-pressure applications. This equipment is being delivered to the following workplaces:

  • Granite Fabrication: Industrial Air compressors power tools, suppress dust, clean workspaces, and transport materials in granite fabrication. They are essential for efficiency and safety, providing compressed air for various applications.
  • Pharmaceutical Labs: Air compressors are important in pharmaceutical labs as they provide a reliable source of compressed air for various applications such as powering pneumatic pumps and tools, delivering gases and controlling air pressure. They are essential for ensuring a safe, sterile and controlled environment for the manufacture of drugs and other pharmaceutical products.
  • Automotive Service Bays: Air compressors are essential part of equipment in automotive service bays, they provide a source of compressed air that is used to power a wide range of tools and equipment. Reciprocating air compressors are commonly used in smaller automotive shops, while rotary screw and centrifugal compressors are typically found in larger facilities as well as the capacity (CFM), and pressure (PSI) of an air compressor are important factors to consider when selecting a compressor for an automotive service bay.
  • Auto Body Shops: Air compressors or Rotary vane air compressors are frequently utilized in auto body shops for eliminating rust, paint, and other materials from vehicle surfaces. These compressors necessitate a significant amount of compressed air to function effectively and achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Air compressors are commonly used in manufacturing facilities for to control the flow and movement of materials, control the movement of equipment, used to clean Manufacturing machinery and equipment. Industrial Air compressors can also be more energy-efficient than electric motors in certain applications.
  • Medical Facilities: Air compressors are essentially used for medical facilities as power medical equipment, deliver medical gases, sterilize medical instruments, clean medical equipment, and power certain medical procedures. They provide a reliable source of clean and compressed air for various medical applications, ensuring equipment operates safely and effectively.

Benefits of Choosing Used Commercial Air Compressors

There are several benefits to choosing used commercial air compressors.

  • Fast Turnaround: All the products displayed here are available in our stock. So we assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • Help Reduce Carbon Footprint: Building new equipment is an energy-intensive process. So, when you are buying new equipment, you would be adding to your carbon footprint, whereas used air compressors allow you minimize it.
  • Reduced Prices: Used compressors are typically less expensive than new ones, making them a cost-effective option for businesses that need compressed air but are on a tight budget.
  • Quality Used and Surplus Equipment Stocked: All second hand air compressor for sale on our website are being rebuilt to their original specifications. They are fitted with quality parts, and tested to check their working condition. This helps us assure our customers the best value for their investments.
  • Lower depreciation: Used compressors have already depreciated in value, meaning that they wont lose as much value over time compared to new compressors.
  • ­­­­Environmentally friendly: Buying a used compressor helps to reduce waste and conserve resources by giving new life to equipment that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Overall, choosing a used commercial air compressor can provide businesses with cost savings, immediate availability, and assurance of quality. Additionally, it can contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and conserving resources.

What Are the Best Practices for Storing and Transporting an Air Compressor and Air Dryers?

Proper storage and transportation of used compressed air dryers and air compressor are critical to maintain their efficiency and extend their lifespan. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Before storing or transporting, drain the compressor tank and dryer of any moisture.
  • Store the compressor and dryer in a cool, dry, and clean place.
  • Remove any hoses, attachments, or regulators before storage or transportation.
  • Cover the compressor and dryer with a tarp or cover to protect them from dust and moisture.
  • Check the oil level of the compressor and top it up if necessary.
  • Secure the compressor and dryer in place during transportation to avoid damage.
  • Label the compressor and dryer with clear signage indicating their weight, size, and any safety precautions.

If you are Storing and Transporting a used and surplus air compressor and compressed Air dryer, its important to following these best practices, it will help to maintain the efficiency of your compressor and dryer and ensure safe storage and transportation. The following are a few popular models of used and surplus diaphragm pumps for sale on this page.

Why Choose JM Industrial?

At JM Industrial, we prioritize customer requirements over anything else. This has enabled us to build a long list of happy and satisfied as well as repeat customers all these years.  Here are a few reasons why you can trust us:

  • Available in Various Pressure Ranges: At JM Industrial, we provide used air compressors in different pressure ranges such as 25 HP, 30 HP, 40 HP, and 50 HP.
  • Best Prices Guaranteed: At JM Industrial, we understand that most customers may consider these used air compressors equipment as a second investment. This is why we offer them the most competitive prices. All the products on display here are backed with a best price guarantee.
  • Branded Equipment and Accessories: We stock used industrial equipment and accessories only from industry-leading brands. This enables our customers to take competitive advantage of products at low prices.
  • Expert Advice Guaranteed: Technical support is one of the most important features of our service. All customer queries and technical support are handled by experts who have spent a long time in the industry.

Do you wish to sell surplus air compressors or buy used air compressors system from the list of used air compressors for sale? We can help you better. Contact us today!

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