Used and Surplus Air Compressors

An Air Compressor converts power into potential energy stored in compressed air. J&M Industrial supplies a diverse range of energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective used and unused air compressors for all high, medium and low pressure applications at competitive market prices. These air compressors are procured from industry leading brands such as Sullair, Kaeser, Gardner Denver, etc.

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Features of Air Compressors Provided by J & M Industrial

Following are the various features offered by air compressors provided by us:
  1. Screw air compressors feature integrated oil separating system with both oil filter cartridge, and oil separating cartridge, which are easily accessible.
  2. Screw air compressors comes with multifunctional intake control feature having integrated solenoid valve. These air compressors feature thermo-static oil level regulation, which is easily accessible from the outside.
  3. Rotary screw compressors are compact sized, which helps deliver outstanding performance and increase energy savings.
  4. Rotary screw compressors feature heavy gauge steel frame and efficient cabinet design, which helps reduce the operating noise. Its compact design helps reduce the product footprint while providing ease of access during the maintenance process.
  5. Air compressors provide high output volume at low energy consumption. This helps in delivering more air per kilowatt, which is cost efficient in the long run.
  6. All air compressors are made from high grade cast iron, which reduces the risk of leakage and helps them perform in harsh industrial conditions.

Industries and Applications Using Air Compressors Provided by J & M Industrial

Our air compressors are used in a vast range applications and industries including:
  • Garages
  • Home work shop
  • Glass manufacturing facilities
  • Hospital/medical storage
JM Industrial has been an industry leader in quality used products. Our experts are always there to help you in choosing the right fit for you. For more information, you can call us on 304-273-0795 or emailing

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