Used and Surplus Conveyors

High-Quality Used Conveyor Equipment and Components at Low Prices

Quality used conveyors can add value to any material handling facility. Whether powered or driven by gravity, these material handling equipment can provide reliable services while transporting goods throughout the facility. J&M Industrial is a well-known reseller of used power rollers, as well as gravity conveyors, unused screw conveyors, and belt conveyors in the US. We stock a variety of well-known brands such as TGW-Ermanco, FKI Logistex, Hytrol, etc.

Types of Conveyors

Types of Conveyor Equipment Provided by JM Industrial

We stock and provide the following types of material handling equipment :
  1. Belt Conveyors: These are the common choice for conveyors, and are used for transporting light to medium weight products.
  2. Bucket Elevators: These conveyors are used to elevate flowable bulk materials vertically. Some of these materials may include fertilizers, grains, etc.
  3. Conveyor Drives: We provide used conveyor drive systems that are designed for toughest working conditions.
  4. Flexible Screw Conveyors: We stock used flexible screw conveyors that use a single moving part to convey flowable materials in bulk. We can provide high-quality unused screw conveyors too.
  5. Pneumatic Conveyors: These material handling equipment are used for transferring dry bulk materials, granules, and powders in the manufacturing facility.
  6. Vibrating Conveyors: The vibratory conveyor systems are used for bulk material processing in a material handling facility.
Our comprehensive inventory of used conveyors include models in various sizes, features, and price ranges. Our contracts with our customers help expand the inventory of used conveyors from various OEMS. If you wish to sell your used conveyors, please call us on 304-273-0795 , or mail us at

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