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JM industrial buys and sells used belt conveyors in different specifications. If you are currently interested in purchasing a used industrial belt conveyor, browse the list below that we currently have in stock. If you have a belt conveyor that you wish to sell, please contact us. Our large inventory has included metal belt conveyors from manufacturers such as Dorner, GEM Equipment of Oregon, Bunting Magnetics Co., Hytrol Conveyor Co., Universal Industries and more. Belt conveyor systems are one of the important types of conveyor systems used for material handling. These systems comprise pulleys and a loop of carrying medium that rotates around these pulleys. Belt conveyor systems may have a couple of pulleys, and one or all may be powered. These powered pulleys help move the belt as well as material forward and backward. These systems are used for general or bulk material handling. These systems find use in various industries. Being one of the important material handling equipment, businesses relying on them always keep a spare system in case the first fails. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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What Are the Types of Belt Conveyor Systems Offered at JM Industrial?

Being one of the leading suppliers of used and surplus industrial equipment, we deal with all important types of metal belt conveyors and conveyor belts. They are being listed here:

  • Sanitary and Washdown Belt Conveyors: These belt conveyors are used in food and pharmaceutical industries that demand high sanitation. They are designed to withstand regular cleaning and sterilization. Equipped with stainless steel belts designed as per FDA guidelines, and which can withstand extreme temperatures as they may be required to carry extreme hot or cold products. They are designed for food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Modular Belt Conveyors: Feature a single loop that is made of various interlocked pieces. Although these different pieces’ act as one loop, the segments can be replaced individually. The segments are easy to wash and are abrasion-resistant. This flexibility makes it easy to maintain and repair these belt conveyors.
  • Cleated Belt Conveyors: These belt conveyors feature barriers or vertical cleats, which help secure materials during decline and incline. These cleats help maintain consistent spacing between items on the belt.
  • Inclined/Declined Belt Conveyors: The inclined belt conveyors are used for conveying products up or down. Generally, these belts cross over the cleated belts to transport products. Inclined or declined belts help transfer products at different elevations. They also secure products from slipping off the line. The belts are suited for boosting gravity flow systems.
  • Flat Belt Conveyors: These are one of the most popular belt conveyor systems in use today. They feature powered pulleys, which move in continuous flat belt. The belt may be made of different materials.
  • Special Belt Conveyor: These conveyors differ from stainless steel belt conveyors for sale listed here. Our collection also features belt conveyor systems with fiberglass belts that can withstand extreme temperatures; magnetic belts that are suited for carrying materials with ferrous construction; and long length conveyors for carrying products during bulk production.

Where Are Belt Conveyors Used?

Used for transporting materials in production units, stacking materials at the end of the production line, and move product horizontally or vertically with flexibility. Surplus and used belt conveyor systems find applications across the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Units: Used for transferring the raw materials or sometimes even packed boxes or palates full of supplies during and after packaging.
  • Food Processing Facilities: Used in food processing facilities, where raw materials or sometimes completed products need to be moved, glazed, fried, stamped, or powdered. All this is easily accomplished using various types of stainless-steel belt conveyors. Our selection features used stainless steel belt conveyors that are FDA approved.
  • Manufacturing and Mining Areas: In these areas, material transportation is a big challenge. It is easily accomplished using belt conveyors.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Belt Conveyor Systems?

New belt conveyor systems may be perceived as an investment, but used ones are not lesser by any means. They can add value to your production process while being affordable. The following points will help you understand it better.

  • Quality Branded Products Assured: All used belt conveyors for sale listed on this page are sourced from industry-leading brands, and have been used successfully by their previous owners. These systems are available for immediate shipment, while in the case of new equipment the wait times may be longer.
  • Affordability: If you look at the prices listed on this website and the original prices on the manufacturer’s website, you would find our prices affordable. All hinged steel belt conveyor systems are offered at one-fourth price than their original counterparts.
  • Environment-Friendly: Buying a used belt conveyor also makes you an environment-friendly company for two reasons. First, they have been already made and used before being listed on this website, so, you can save on the carbon footprint that is generated due to energy-intensive production processes of these systems. Next, most belt conveyor systems are made of stainless steel, which is a durable and environment-friendly material. The material can be easily recycled when the equipment reaches its shelf life.

Why Choose JM Industrial?

At JM Industrial, we stock used and surplus industrial equipment of various specifications. This equipment enables us to meet diverse client requirements with ease. Catering to diverse customer requirements and serving them above their expectations are two factors that drive us forward. The following reasons make us one of the trusted names in the industry. 

  • Short Turnaround Times: All surplus and used belt conveyors listed on this page can be delivered shortly. This will help businesses working with time constraints or are committed to deadlines and cannot expect expensive downtimes.
  • Guaranteed Best Prices: Most customers whom we cater to consider used stainless steel belt conveyors listed here as a second investment. Thus, they are looking for equipment at competitive prices. So, we offer equipment at the best prices, which would allow them to expand their assets, and at the same time make good savings.
  • Customer Assistance: The team at JM Industrial comprises experts with vast experience across industries. Having spent so many years in this industry, they understand the customer’s requirements and challenges well. Thus, they will help you make the right selection from the products displayed on the page.
  • All Queries Handled by Experts: Unlike many of our competitors, we do not employ automated chatbots or other technology applications to answer customer queries. All queries and concerns we receive are personally handled by our experts.

JM Industrial buys, consigns, and brokers quality surplus industrial equipment. We also offer trade-ins and leasing options. Are you looking to buy or sell screw conveyors, belt conveyors, vibratory conveyors, Pneumatic Conveyors and more? We can help you. Contact our team today.

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