Used and Surplus Conveyor Drives

Conveyor drives are electric motors and gear reducers that are configured to power mechanical material handling equipment that is used for conveying material between two locations. J&M Industrial has used conveyor systems in our inventory from many industry-leading brands.

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Benefits of Conveyor Drive Systems Provided by J& M Industrial

The conveyor drives we have in stock have many benefits which make them ideal for powering conveying equipment. Some benefits are:
  • Conveyor drives are equipped with robust gear unit housing, which have a corrosion – resistant surface. Also, these systems are totally enclosed for corrosive, dusty, and hazardous environments.
  • The speed reducer drive systems are designed for two purposes – to multiply the torque generated by an input power, and reduce input power to achieve desired output speed.
  • Our screw conveyor drives and speed reducer drive systems are made from durable materials, which helps reduce the downtime, as well as keep the maintenance costs low.
Quality is the main priority for us. J&M Industrial strives to provide used conveyor drive systems in working conditions. Please contact us to find out more about our conveyor drives..

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