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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused vibrating conveyors in different specifications. If you are currently interested in purchasing a used vibratory conveyor, browse the list below that we currently have in stock. If you have a vibratory or shaker conveyor that you wish to sell, please click here. Our large inventory has included vibrating and shaker conveyors from manufacturers such as Triple S Dynamics, Key Technologies, FMC Technologies, Inc., FMC Corp, Carrier, Cardwell, Eriez and more. Material handling is one of the biggest concerns in many manufacturing industries and this is performed using various types of equipment. A vibratory conveyor is one such material handling equipment that feeds material to the machine or process through vibration. They are widely used in various industries to convey solid, liquid, and semi-solid materials. At JM Industrial, we provide various types of surplus and used vibrating conveyors of good quality and these machines can be a real asset to your equipment set. JM Industrial stocks various types of used conveyors for sale.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Vibratory Conveyors Offered at JM Industrial

Our inventory features the following types of vibrating conveyors.

  • Natural Frequency Vibrating Conveyors: These conveyors feature a trough, which is driven by an electric motor and mounted on an elastic element. The trough and motor are connected through an electric connecting rod, which initiates sinusoidal vibrations. The vibrating conveyors are supported by leaf or coil springs. These conveyors have low power requirements and can expect a uniform inertia force distribution across the length of the conveyor.
  • Controlled Vibration Vibrating Conveyor: These conveyors feature rocker rods or arms, which are pivoted at the base and trough. The material movement on the pan is dependent on the pan’s vibratory motion.

Working Principle of Vibratory Conveyors

The vibrating conveyors throw product particles in the air – horizontally and vertically and catch them on the pan. This is a continuous cycle. The material is moved ahead quickly on this equipment when this cycle of throwing product particles in the air is repeated.

Why Choose Used and Surplus Vibratory Conveyors for Your Next Project

It is quite obvious to think why to choose used and surplus equipment when new is available in the market. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Budget Friendly: Good quality used vibrating conveyors are budget-friendly and can be a part of your growing fleet of equipment. You will get this equipment at less than half price of the original. This equipment makes the second best investment.
  • Environment-friendly: These equipment are not recently made, which means no carbon emissions have occurred. Being made of durable materials, most parts of these equipment can be recycled or reused towards the end of their lifetime.
  • No Wait Times: All the equipment listed here are available for immediate shipping. So, you can be assured that there are no wait times. This will help you save on time and efforts that go into buying new equipment. The deal can be easily closed after few discussions with our experts, unlike the new equipment where the new equipment design, manufacturing, and selection period may take months.

Why Choose JM Industrial

There are many buyers and sellers of used and surplus vibrating conveyors in the market; however, JM Industrial stands tall among them for the following reasons.

  • Branded and Most Popular Products Listed: Our collection across all categories features branded and popular industrial equipment, which makes us a favored choice for buying and selling vibrating conveyors and other industrial equipment.
  • All Equipment in Good Working Condition: All equipment are checked for their condition and functioning before listing on the website. Also, these equipment are supported with their operating literature.
  • Important Accessories Listed: Our website also features important matching accessories, which are needed to drive these machines. These accessories are sourced from industry-leading brands, which makes them a popular choice among our customers.
  • Assistance in All Phases of Sale: Our experts assist clients during all phases of purchase right from the selection to deployment. We believe our relationship doesn’t end with a sale, rather we focus on building strong relationships.
  • Competitive Prices Assured: At JM Industrial, we focus on competitive pricing. All our products are covered under best price deal guarantee.

Applications of Vibrating Conveyors

Our vibratory conveyors are used in the following applications across food and beverage processing, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

  • Screening
  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Draining

Tips to Buy Surplus and Used Vibratory Conveyors

Our selection features vibrating conveyors in several specifications, which makes your selection difficult. The following tips aims to ease your selection while helping you choose the right equipment for your application.

  1. Load Capacity and Speed: If you carefully look at the features, you can understand that these conveyors are not made the same. They differ in terms of load capacity and speed. Based on the current conveyance requirements or manufacturing capacity, you can decide how much pieces you need to move in a minute and the load the conveyor can carry. This understanding will ease your further selection process.
  2. Special Considerations: Many applications may require vibrating conveyors with special considerations such as foundational damping, sterile components, containment, hazard protection and so on. Check for these features the equipment offered here.
  3. Controls: Most vibrating conveyors listed here are passive and usually low on maintenance. However, you add controls to them if these machines are used as a part of a large control system. If controls are not required, then focus on effective passive options available on these machines.
  4. Vibrational Frequency and Trough Length: You must address the width of the trough and the drive. For instance, if you wish to convey powdered material in bulk then perhaps you need a narrow trough and small drive. However, if you wish to convey boulders over long distances, you will require a large drive and wider trough. These considerations will help you choose the right conveyor for your application along with the right power and drive requirements.

At JM Industrial, we buy, sell, consign, and broker good quality used conveyor equipment. Get in touch with our team today if you wish to buy or sell used Vibratory conveyors, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, flexible conveyor or any type of conveying equipment. We have always helped the sellers and buyers find each other in a right way.

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