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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused dryers and coolers in different specifications. If you are currently interested in purchasing a dryer and coolers, browse the list below that we currently have in stock. If you have dryers and coolers that you wish to sell, please click here. Our large inventory has included dryers and coolers from manufacturers such as Thomas Conveyor, Wyssmont, Denver Equipment, Maxon, Una-Dyn, Benko Products, Inc., Western Precipitation, GEMCO, Hosokawa Bepex Corporation and more. Dryers and coolers are used for drying and cooling various feed materials across industries. Drying helps remove moisture from materials. At times, over drying may cause issues, which is why coolers are used to cool the dried material. Our stock is refreshed every day, which is why we assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Used and Surplus Dryers and Coolers Provided by Us

JM Industrial provides all important types of used and surplus dryers and coolers that you may require. The following are a few popular types of dryers and coolers available with us.

  • Turbo Tray Dryers: These are the type of continuous dryers used to dry solvent-wet or water wet materials over a large temperature range. Unlike several other industrial dryers, these dryers require no vacuuming.
  • Fluid Bed Dryers: This equipment is also referred to as fluidized bed dryer and it is widely used in pharmaceutical industries to minimize the moisture content of pharmaceutical granules and powder.
  • Paddle Dryers: They are indirect type continuous dryers, which are mainly used for drying materials with high thermal stability such as paste, granules, and so on.
  • Curing Cabinets: These equipment are used to cure or dry food items like meat. They are widely used in large food and beverage processing units and similar food industry organizations.

We also stock versatile products such as the Holoflite processor and dryer integrated with cooler, which serves a wide range of purposes.

Benefits of Choosing Used and Surplus Dryers and Coolers

New dryers and coolers offer several benefits, but used and surplus coolers and dryers are good as well. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Good Working Condition: When you purchase used and surplus dryers and coolers from trusted companies like JM Industrial, you can be assured of their utility value. They are tested for working and provided with technical sheets for your reference.
  • Ideal for Secondary Investments: If you are already using dryers and coolers and want to build a fleet of equipment then investing in used and surplus dryers or coolers makes sense. This is because the technology is changing fast, and the equipment that you have been using for years might have undergone several upgrades. If you decide to replace one equipment then you may end up replacing the entire set of connecting equipment, which also needs an upgrade. This will ultimately skyrocket your investment. However, buying used and surplus coolers and dryers will help you make sensible technology investments without overdoing your budget.
  • Optimize the Value of Equipment: Buying coolers and dryers from trusted and experienced suppliers like JM Industrial will help you optimize the value of your investment. All the equipment displayed on our website are maintained in good condition, which allows you to hold the value of equipment longer.
  • Save on Depreciation: It is a well-known fact that any new equipment undergoes high depreciation in the first year. This is dreadful for several business owners, so, by choosing used and surplus coolers and dryers you can save on depreciation.
  • Minimize Your Carbon Footprint: Used industrial equipment not only offer huge savings in terms of money but also allow business owners to cut down their carbon footprint. As they have been already used, and demand no energy expenditure.

Why Choose JM Industrial for Used and Surplus Dryers and Coolers

There are several used equipment suppliers in the US, still, JM Industrial stands tall when it comes to leading and successful names in the industry. This evident from our existence and the list of happy and satisfied customers that we have built over the years. We believe the following factors have worked in our favor.

  • A Large Selection of Equipment in Each Category: Most of our competitors deal with specific brands and devices, however, we differ from them. We stock the most popular devices in every category. Being in this industry for several years, we understand what our clients want. Thus, we try to include products from each category.
  • Industry-Leading Brands Stocked: Quality is the priority at JM Industrial, we understand how our clients look for quality in everything they do. The industrial applications that employ these surplus coolers and dryers rely on their performance. This performance comes from their quality of construction and other factors. This is why we only buy and stock products from industry-leading brands.
  • Price Benefits: Price advantage make us different from other suppliers in the US. We assure competitive pricing on all products. Although many others claim to offer price benefits, still, users have to spend on maintenance and repairs. This adds up to a huge investment. Every piece of equipment displayed on this page is tested for its functioning. This enables us to assure the real price benefits.
  • Transparency: We prioritize trust and transparency over anything else. This is why we only include original images of the equipment on the website. This gives the user a fair idea about the visual appearance and working of the equipment. Each product features a description and data sheet that offers you insights on product specifications.

At JM Industrial, we believe in serving customers above their expectations. All customer queries regarding products are handled by experts. We buy and sell used and surplus coolers and dryers as well as other used industrial equipment. Currently, we have more than 3000 pieces of equipment in our ready-to-ship inventory. You can get in touch with our team today to know more about any of the products listed on this page. We would be happy to serve you.

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