Used Dust Collectors

JM industrial buys and sells used dust collectors, such as cyclones, pulse jet bag dust collectors, pulse jet cartridge dust collectors, shaker dust collectors, and vacuum cleaning equipment. If you are currently interested in purchasing a used industrial dust collector, browse the list below that we currently have in stock. If you have an industrial dust collection system that you wish to sell, please click here. Our large inventory has included used dust collectors from manufacturers such as Fisher Klosterman, Kice Industries, Inc., Universal Dynamics Inc., MAC Equipment, Exidust, Smoot Co., Boedecker Company and more. Dust collection systems (or dust collectors) are designed to enhance the quality of air in industrial environments. These systems are used capture dust and other impurities from the air, as well as recovering powder or solid components from process streams prior to releasing them to the atmosphere. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Dust Collectors

Types of used dust collector offerings at JM Industrial

Our inventory includes the following types of commercial dust collection systems and more:

  1. Cyclones These dust collectors use no filters, and remove particulates from gas, air, or liquid stream through vortex separation method. We provide used cyclone dust collectors from brands such as Fisher Klosterman, Aerocon, Ancaster, etc.
  2. Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collectors: These dust collectors are used in high-volume dust collection applications. We provide used pulse jet dust collectors from leading brands such as Boedecker Company, MAC equipment, Young Industries, etc. All these systems are designed to provide maximum operational efficiency, whilst reducing maintenance.
  3. Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collectors: The pulse jet cartridge dust collectors are baghouse dust collectors featuring a large array of perforated metal cartridges that can quicken up air filtering. All used pulse jet cartridge dust collectors are designed for high-volume dust collection applications. These collectors allow easy cartridge cleaning, and provide easy access to cartridge filters.
  4. Shaker Dust Collectors: These dust collectors are designed for harsh process environments, where they collect airborne pollutants easily. The shaker dust collectors help ensure the safety of people, whilst achieving regulatory compliance for combustible dust. We provide these used dust collectors from brands such as DCE, MAC equipment, etc.
  5. Vacuum Cleaning Equipment: These industrial vacuum cleaning equipment are employed for cleaning medium duty debris.

Are you looking for a good quality used industrial vacuum dust collectors for your facility? Please feel free to contact us to find out more on dust collection systems for your process.

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