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Dust collectors are used to improve the air quality in commercial and industrial environments. They are different from air purifiers and are designed to collect huge volumes of dust. A dust collection system comprises a blower, dust filter, a dust receptacle, which removes the dust, and a filter cleaning system. Cyclone dust collectors are on of the important types of dust collectors, which use cyclonic separation to improve air quality. J&M Industrial has one of the largest inventories of unused and used cyclone dust collectors. These dust collectors are provided at competitive prices.

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Types of Cyclone Dust Collectors Provided by J&M Industrial

J&M Industrial stocks various brands of cyclone dust collectors. Some of the brands include Fisher Klosterman, Hosokawa Mikropul, Airecon, and more. Most of these range from 10 to 40 inches in diameter, and are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. However, there are many cyclone dust collectors with a diameter larger than 40” up to even 1300”. Here are a few types of cyclone dust collectors available with us:
  1. Single-Cyclone Dust Collectors: This type of dust collectors use a dual vortex that helps separate fine and coarse dust. They have a main and an inner vortex. The main vortex carries coarse dust and is arranged top to bottom in a spiral manner. The inner vortex is also spiral, but from bottom to top, and it carries the finer dust.
  2. Multiple-Cyclone Dust Collectors: These are widely used across diverse industries. They comprise a number of cyclones operating in a parallel manner, with a common inlet and outlet for gas. This type of dust collectors also have a descending main vortex and ascending inner vortex and their working is the same as single-cyclone dust collectors. Since, there are multiple cyclones with a good length, the centrifugal force is much more than single-cyclone dust collectors.
  3. Secondary Airflow Separators: The secondary air flow used in this type of collector helps increase the cyclonic action, and the overall efficiency. In this type, the collector can be installed horizontally as it does not use gravitational force to move the particles downward.

Applications of a Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone dust collectors have many applications across industries. Here are some of the application areas:
  1. They are used in sawmills to remove sawdust from the air.
  2. They are used to separate oils and gases in oil refineries.
  3. They are used in the ventilation systems of kitchens in hotels and industries to separate the greasy matter from the air in extraction hoods and exhaust systems.
  4. They are used as part of the kiln preheaters in the cement industry. They may be used as a replacement for vacuum cleaners in homes.
J&M Industrial assists you to buy the right cyclone dust collector based on your requirements. We ensure the dust collector, especially a used one, is functioning well, and that it does not consume excess electricity. Our dust collectors comply with the current regulatory requirements.

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