Used Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collectors

JM Industrial buys and sells surplus and used industrial pulse jet baghouse from leading manufacturers such as Dynequip, Camcorp, Mac Equipment, Boedecker Company, Mikropul, Horizon Systems, and many others. Industrial pulse jet baghouses or pulse jet bag filters are used across manufacturing units to filter dry dust and particulate matter through pulsed compression of air. A good quality used pulse jet bag dust collector helps ensure the safety of workers from airborne dust as well as prevents unnecessary downtime. These are available in various specifications and made of sturdy metals such as stainless steel. If you have an industrial unit that requires a used bin vent dust collector, do go through the collection we currently have in stock. This platform also offers opportunities to ones who want to sell their used sanitary dust collectors in good condition. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Working of a Pulse Jet Baghouse

This equipment is termed pulse jet because of the pulses or shots of compressed air it uses to filter or clean. A certain amount of dust or particles are collected onto the collector system surface. Based on the programmed timing or pressure decrease, the collected dust or particles fall into the hopper owing to gravity. From here, they are disposed with the help or compressed air pulses plus the extra air that enters through Venturi nozzle creates a ripple effect on filter bags and the dust particles fall off from the fabric. This nozzle pulses air at about every 100 to 200 microseconds, depending on the model. Most dust collectors comprise bags, cages, and air inlets for impure air and an outlet for clean air. There are various types of valves, timer, nozzle, air header, and these collectors come with a steel housing or enclosure.

Different Types of Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collectors Offered by JM Industrial

At JM Industrial, we take pride in our collection of used pulse jet baghouse for sale. Our collection features the following types of used pulse jet dust collectors.

  • Cylindrical Pulse Jet Dust Collectors: These dust collectors are designed to filter fine lint, sander dust, cellulose, and grain. Unlike other dry filters, these dust collectors can endure external and internal static pressure, which improves their explosion protection properties. The collectors have a tangential inlet that works as a cyclone and causes the air to spin. During this spinning, the heavy particles are driven to the wall and get collected in the collection bag.
  • Bin Vent Dust Collectors: Whether new or used bin vent dust collectors, they are equally popular with our clients. These dust collectors have fewer moving parts and are low on maintenance. In these collectors, dust get accumulated on the surface of the bag filter and is usually removed through air blast. The air blast is directed at the bag through a Venturi tube.
  • Cartridge Pulse Jet Dust Collectors: Our collection features various types of used cartridge dust collectors, which standout due to their compact design. These filters possess excellent filtration efficiency of 99.9%. Generally, these systems are employed for filtering dust, fumes, and dry, free-flowing powders.
  • Sanitary Pulse Jet Dust Collectors: Used sanitary dust collectors are one of the most popular industrial pulse jet bag houses offered by us. These dust collectors are used in food production rooms. Stainless steel construction of these dust collectors make them an ideal choice for wash-down environments. 

Benefits of Pulse Jet Baghouse Filters

Pulse jet baghouse filters have gained immense popularity in recent years. Be it new or used pulse jet baghouse filters are preferred over industrial filters due to the following reasons.

  • These bags have minimal or no moving parts and auxiliary equipment which reduces the cost as well as maintenance.
  • They eliminate all kinds of dust particles regardless of their size and various harmful pollutants. Particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ground level ozone are five pollutants produced during manufacturing operations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends business owners to control the production of these pollutants to ensure workplace safety. Used pulse jet collectors are designed to remove these toxic contaminants from the air in manufacturing facilities.
  • Quick valve opening and closing ensures effective bag filter cleaning and helps reduce the use of compressed air.
  • Pulse jet baghouse filters help clear the work area of dust and contaminants and cleanses the air, thereby allowing employers to assure a clean work area.
  • A dirty workplace creates challenging scenarios for workers, business owners, and onlookers. Dust and debris are common byproducts of many manufacturing processes. If not cleaned or removed on time, these contaminants will penetrate every opening, crack, or crevices of the equipment and buildup over the time. This buildup would affect the functioning of device and causing breakdown. Installing a good quality used pulse jet baghouse filter would help remove dust and contaminants and freshen air.

Factors to Be Considered While Buying A Used Pulse Jet Bag Filter

There is a misconception that used industrial filters do not elaborate consideration as new ones. However, that is not true. There are various things to consider while buying a used pulse jet bag filter for your facility. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Nature of operation: Do you plan to use the pulse jet bag filter continuously or intermittently? The answer for this would depend on the primary and secondary sources that would require regular filtration and venting. If you plan to use it intermittently then offline filters can be the best choice. You can clean the filters offline.
  • Process Air or Gas to be filtered: The process air must be free of moisture and humidification, which would otherwise interfere with the functioning of the equipment.
  • Minimum Conveying Velocity: You should consider the conveying velocity for the process dust and gas that the system will handle. The conveying velocity will differ across particle contaminants. The contaminant velocity will vary between 3,500 and 5,000 ft./m for most materials.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips of Used Pulse Jet Baghouse Filter

Pulse jet baghouse filters may malfunction due to various reasons. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Bags have abrasion marks along vertical wires: This could be due to reasons such as large bags, or excessive corrosion. You can replace the filter with the bag of correct size.
  • Cuts or internal damage are visible at the bag’s bottom where it touches the pan’s edge: This could be due to the pan’s sharp edges. You can use a rounded edge pan with the cage.
  • Bags cannot be easily removed from cages: This may be due to the increased corrosion between the cage and the bag. You can replace the cages with a standard cage to avoid further damage.
  • Flex line failures are observed in vertical wires: This is because the bags are not supported by cages. This type of failure can be avoided by replacing the cage with more vertical wires.

Where Are Pulse Jet Dust Collectors Used?

There are many applications of our pulse jet dust collectors. Here are some of the industrial areas which require our dust collection systems.

  • Cement mills
  • Construction
  • Coal mills
  • Mines and metallurgy
  • Grinding mills
  • Power plants
  • Food and beverages

If you are an OEM in any of the industries which require dust or particles removal, you may require a good dust collector and removal system. It is a good idea to invest in used bin vent dust collector. You need to worry about the quality and working condition of the equipment once you source them from us. You can share your requirements and our team will offer you the best possible solution. At J&M Industrial, we refresh our inventory regularly, and provide quality used pulse jet bag dust collectors for sale. In case of any further enquiries or requirement sharing, do reach us on 304-273-0795 or

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