Used Electrical Equipment

Surplus and used electrical supplies and electrical equipment is essential across industries as integral to many electrical and electromechanical devices used there. Electrical equipment such as transformers, starters, and more enable these devices to function efficiently and effectively. These electrical equipment provide the required components and systems to generate, distribute, control, and convert electrical energy to enable the devices perform their intended tasks.

Today, you can find many suppliers in the market that offer surplus and used electrical equipment. However, not all guarantee their quality.  JM Industrial stands tall among its competitors. Being one of the reliable suppliers of used equipment, they buy and sells used electric equipment from leading brands, such as Acrison, Akron Electric, Allen Bradley, Allen-Bradley, Endress+Hauser, Barber Coleman, Dwyer, Egs, Electric Machine, Gala, Ge Fanuc, Hoffman, Indeeco, Leeson, Magnetek, Metalfab, Micro Motion, Parker Automation, Reliance, Saftronics, Square D, Westinghouse, & Woods. We ensure our equipment is in good working condition and available for quick shipment. Browse our inventory to find the appropriate equipment for your application.

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Types of Electrical Equipment

Used and Surplus Electrical Equipment Offered by JM Industrial

Different electrical equipment are used for different purposes across industries. Here are some of the essential electrical equipment from our inventory.

  • Disconnect Switches:As the name suggests, mechanical devices can disconnect working circuits from power supplies. This is mainly utilized in SOS situations, such as short circuits, falls, and electric shocks. If any electrical system exceeds its limitations, these switches cut the electricity to restore normalcy and safety. At JM Industrial, you will find a variety of disconnect switches for sale.
  • Starters:Electrical starters initiate and control the power supply to engines or motors, allowing them to start and stop smoothly. They are also used for direction reversal, acceleration, and protection from elevated voltage and current levels, and more. We offer electric starters from leading manufacturers, such as Motortronics Inc., Square D, General Electric, Lamson and Allen Bradley.
  • Transformers:They transfer and exchange energy between two or more electric circuits using electromagnetic induction (EMI). They can step up or down the voltage levels while maintaining power conservation. Transformers are crucial for transmitting electricity over long distances, changing voltage levels for various applications, and isolating circuits for safety and grounding purposes. They feed power to large industrial processes, data centers, and other facilities. At JM Industrial, we have a wide inventory of transformers for sale.
  • Variable Frequency Controllers:Variable frequency controllers are also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), adjustable frequency drives (AFDs), or variable speed drives (VSDs). They control the speed and torque of a motor by adjusting the frequency and voltage of input power. They allow precise control of the motor speed, resulting in energy savings and improved process control, while also reducing mechanical stress on equipment. We test and inspect these controllers after first-hand application.

Why Consider Used Electrical Equipment Over New Ones?

Buying used electrical equipment benefits businesses in many ways. Here are some pointers that may help you understand this in detail.

  • One of the greatest benefits of considering used electrical equipment for your application is cost saving. Certainly, used equipment is less expensive than new one. This is particularly beneficial when you are running tight on budget. The saved money can be utilized on the important aspects of the business.
  • Next is availability. Used equipment is easily available, and can be immediately put to use after a brief inspection and customization if required. You can start the operations with little or no downtime. There is zero or minimum waiting time when choosing used electric equipment.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint is another reason why customers choose used equipment. Considering used electrical equipment, you can save the resources, effort, and money required to make a new one.

When consulting a trusted supplier from the industry like JM Industrial, you can be assured of quality, time, and performance.

Why Buy Used Electrical Equipment from JM Industrial

Today, several players in the industry offer used electrical equipment of various brands. However, only a few ensure their quality, and return on investment (ROI). JM Industrial is one popular name on the list. They offer used and surplus electrical equipment in good working conditions. Here are some reasons why you should consider our platform to buy or sell used and surplus electrical equipment.

  • At JM Industrial, we source only from trusted manufacturers. Therefore, you can choose the most appropriate equipment for your application.
  • At JM Industrial, we provide a platform for users to buy or sell their used electrical equipment. We thoroughly test these equipment before they are shipped out.
  • Our team of experts assist you in the selection process and provide the required technical support.
  • All the products listed on our web portal are almost always available for quick shipment. Thus, you can start the overall production with minimum waiting time.
  • We provide a technical guide or instruction manual with all our products. This is helpful while installing and using the equipment.
  • We offer attractive discounts on all bulk orders of used industrial equipment.
  • We also offer the required accessories along with the equipment.
  • Our products are proudly made in the USA.

Applications of Electrical Equipment

The electrical equipment we offer has a wide range of applications across industries. The following are some typical applications.

  • Industrial Processes
  • Communication Devices
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Data Centers
  • Entertainment

At JM Industrial, we help our clients select high-quality and performance-driven electrical equipment. Whether you want to buy or sell used electrical equipment, we are a one-stop solution. If you have any technical or pricing-related doubts, contact our experts. Our team gathers and analyzes your requirements and works dedicatedly to offer the best solution.

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