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JM industrial buys and sells used disconnect switches from leading manufacturers in various specifications. We have the same from reputed brands such as Cutler-Hammer, Square D, Allen Bradley, General Electric, and more. Disconnect, as the term implies, is a device used to disconnect a live circuit from power supplies. This is usually done in SOS situations, such as in case of probable short circuits. If the circuit capacity exceeds beyond limits, this device cuts the flow of electricity to restore safety and normalcy. Our used disconnect switches are thoroughly inspected for quality, accuracy, and so on before they are shipped out. JM Industrial stocks various types of used electrical equipment for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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How Does Disconnect Switches Are Work?

Disconnect switches are devices used to actually cut off live circuits in case of any fault or risk issues. They may be manual or electrically operated. These devices work as isolators which actually separate out specific sections of a power unit or system for various reasons such as maintenance schedules, repairs, and more. In an electrical sub-station, motor powered disconnect switches are used and two or more of these can be operated at the same time with the help of a remote control. Multiple switches are used especially for high voltage applications. They have a knife like structure with a long metallic arm. They basically operate in binary state, which means they are either on or off. It can be switched on or off either manually or remotely any number of times as required. We offer various types and configurations of used and surplus disconnect switches for sale, such as used 200 amp disconnect switch, used 30 amp disconnect, and more.

What Are the Types of Disconnect Switches Offered by JM Industrial?

We offer a variety of disconnect switches. Here are some of them.

  • Used fused disconnect switches: In this type, Square D stainless steel disconnects are hugely popular, especially 30-amp stainless steel disconnects which have mechanical interlocking or a wall mounted enclosure. These switches enable switching off the power manually as well as disconnect the circuit in case of a problem.
  • Used heavy duty switches: These may be fused with the switch or non-fusible, and suited for heavy duty industrial and commercial applications to ensure complete safety.
  • Enclosed heavy duty safety switch: Heavy duty safety switches are non-fusible with mechanical interlocking and mechanical enclosures. They ensure the safety of people and equipment in case of circuitry issues. The Square D 200 amp disconnect switch we offer is an example of this type.
  • Fused heavy duty safety switches: These are single throw fusible switches with a pressure switch and back mounted gauges.

How to Install Disconnect Switches?

Disconnect switches are installed on almost all electrical applications from 240 volts onwards. This is in compliance with electrical safety codes and standards set by NEC. This code states that these disconnects must be installed in a way that they are visible from a distance or electrical unit which is large, permanently wired and above a certain voltage. Also, they must be installed by professional, certified electricians. Here are some basic installation steps.

  • Check for the minimum distance required the cable loop and the switch handle in case of cable operated switches.
  • For rod operated switches, first install the gasket, then the spring bracket and the handle.
  • Ensure you have all the right tools such as drill, hammer, wrench, and screwdriver.
  • Remove the knock out of the breaker box and the corresponding cabinet.
  • Temporarily connect and lock the breaker box to the unit or cabinet.
  • Ensure the leveling and mark holes on the cabinet side and drill them.
  • Now remove the breaker box and attach the gasket which adheres to the side.
  • Fit in the base bar or grounding bar.
  • Fix the breaker box to the unit or enclosure with fasteners and bolts of the right type.
  • Now comes the wiring part, wherein the wire is routed through the chase fitting and to the disconnect switch, from where it is connected to the grounding bar.
  • Refer to the instruction manual for wiring details such as color of the wires and where they need to be connected.

Why Buy Used Disconnect Switches?

There are many benefits of investing in used disconnect switches. Here are some of them.

  • Minimal or no depreciation: These switches, especially the ones as per NEMA standards are of excellent quality. You can rely on us when buying used disconnect switches as we ensure they have not undergone much wear. Technically, the depreciation rate is much more in the first two years after manufacture than later.
  • Environmental impact: You are actually saving on a lot of resources and energy required to manufacture new disconnects, when buying used ones. This is a good way to reduce carbon footprint as the used switches are readily available.
  • Cost effectiveness: When affordable pricing is one of the criteria, you can totally rely on us as we ensure your ROI is met within no time and the switches actually contribute to application productivity.
  • Availability: We have most models of these disconnect switches stocked in our inventory, and are available for immediate shipment. Also, with used switches, there is no waiting period. Hence, outright buying is possible.

Where Are Disconnect Switches Used?

There are many applications of disconnect switches. They are commonly used on motors and actuation based industrial equipment. Here are some of them.

  • Electric motors across industrial units
  • Agricultural pumping systems
  • Generators
  • Pick-n-place equipment
  • HVAC systems

All in all, we focus on good quality used disconnects and enable their buying and selling through our excellent platform. When it comes to used disconnects and many other types of industrial equipment including Starters, electrical transformers, variable frequency controllers and other electrical equipment, we are absolutely reliable suppliers. We have an excellent team of technical experts as well as marketing and customer service teams. Our technical expertise and market experience has helped us include the right type of switches in inventory that our clients across each industrial segment would require. If you need to share any requirement or have any questions about disconnect switches of any type, such as Square D disconnects or used heavy duty switches, do reach us via phone or email.

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