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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused starters from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy starters from brands like Motortronics Inc., Square D, General Electric, Lamson and Allen Bradley. A motor starter is an electrical device used to switch on and off the motor. It uses electrical power to start the machine. It has other functions too, such as direction reversal, acceleration, and protection from elevated voltage and current levels. We offer manual as well as automatic starters. This is an excellent platform where buyers and sellers can upload their offerings and requirements and get the most suitable used motor starter at best prices. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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Types of Used Motor Starters at JM Industrial

Broadly speaking there are three types of starters- manual, digital, and electromagnetic. Starters comprise two main components- contactors and overloads. We offer a variety of used industrial starters for sale with varied features, capacities in HP, and configurations. They are NEMA certified. Here are some of the types of electrical motor starters we offer.

  • Digital soft starters: Our digital motor starters are programmable solid state reduced voltage soft starting devices. They have a keypad to set the programs and operations as well as LED indicators. They offer protection against single phase current, overcurrent, and so on.
  • Electromagnetic starters: These are widely used for AC motors in high power applications. It can start the motor at low voltage and hence offers protection against voltage fluctuation and overcurrent. You can operate these remotely and their switch on and off operations are automatic. They have a control circuit to establish a connection or break it depending on the situation. They also have a power circuit which supplies power to the motor.
  • Manual starters: These are simple on/off switch based devices which are operated manually. Most of these starters offer overload protection but may not offer the same against low voltage.

Applications of Used Electrical Starters Offered at JM Industrial

Since they are used to start a motor, they are used across industries in all motor control applications. Here are a few application areas of electrical starters:

  • Trains
  • Automobiles
  • Cranes
  • AC & DC motors
  • Industrial machines
  • Water or fluid pumping units
  • Machining and fabrication units
  • Spinning mills
  • Shunting and variable speed motors
  • Lathe, press, and rolling mills

Why Buy Used Motor Starters

There are many advantages benefits of buying used starters. Here are some of them.

  • Affordability: Used starters, even some of the most advanced ones, are definitely cheaper than new ones. The surplus ones are almost new and sold at affordable prices as they are available in excess quantities. Also, surprisingly, the depreciation value of used starters is much lesser than those that are new or just a year old or so.
  • Availability: Most of these starters are almost always available in our inventory and hence can be shipped on an immediate basis or as required.
  • Eco friendliness: You are actually reducing your carbon footprint when choosing to invest in used starters. You save on several resources and energy required to manufacture new ones. This is a big step towards reducing energy consumption.
  • Reduced downtime: There is no waiting period, and hence no downtime and subsequent production losses. This helps reduce financial losses.

If you have a manufacturing unit and require a good quality starter at an affordable price, you can invest in a used electrical starter. When it comes to used starters and many other types of industrial equipment including disconnects, electrical transformers, variable frequency controllers and more, we are absolutely reliable suppliers. We can help you find the right starter based on your needs and budget. Since, we are quality centric, we perform several tests on the starters before they are shipped out. Also, J&M Industrial has an efficient aftersales team who can answer all the questions you may have even post installation. In case of any further enquiries or requirement sharing, do reach us on phone or email.

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