Used Variable Frequency Controllers

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused variable frequency controllers from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy adjustable variable frequency drives from brands like ABB Inc., Baldor Electric Co., T. B. Woods & Sons Co., Square D, Magnetek and many more. Variable frequency controllers are electromechanical devices used to control the speed and torque of AC motors. These devices are commonly known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), adjustable frequency drives (AFDs), variable speed drives (VSDs), and a few more. Although these devices have a range of names in the industries, the purpose of the application of new, used or surplus variable frequency controllers is to control AC motor input parameters like frequency, voltage, torque, etc. in the industrial electromechanical setups. We sell used variable frequency controllers only after testing and inspecting the products after first-hand application. JM Industrial stocks various types of used electrical equipment for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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List of Used and Surplus Variable Frequency Controllers Available at JM Industrial

Here are some popular variable frequency controllers available with us:

  • Vector Control Electrical Enclosure: The vector control electrical enclosures are field-oriented controllers. These surplus variable frequency controllers are designed for frequency control of AC motors and stator current of 3 phase AC/DC motors. These VFDs control the current and frequency by using vector control for electrical pulse-width modulation, acceleration, and deceleration of motors, etc.
  • Variable Speed Drives: The variable speed drives are VFDs designed for speed control. Although the input parameter variation in these devices can be current and voltage, the output always remains controlled speed.
  • DC Motor Controllers: These DC motor controllers are used variable frequency controllers designed for direct current control of DC motor. By controlling the frequency of the direct current, the speed of the DC motors can be controlled by using these devices.
  • VFD General Purpose AC Drives: The general purpose AC drives are the surplus variable frequency controllers suitable for various motorized operations. Generally, they are used for consistent or variable motor torque control.

Note: The list of products in JM Industrial’s product catalog may differ according to the availability of the products. Please feel free to contact our team to inquire about the same.

Why Buy Used and Surplus Variable Frequency Controllers over New Ones?

When it comes to buying used variable frequency controllers over brand new ones, buyer’s confusion is understandable. However, at JM Industrial, the experts recommend buying variable frequency controllers due to the following benefits.

  • Quality and Performance Assurance: The quality and performance of used variable frequency controllers are proven. This means the actual operational efficiency, performance parameters, and operating conditions are tested and recorded by the first user. While buying used devices, the datasheets of first-hand applications can be used for reference. This can certainly improve the selection.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Used industrial equipment is available at a low cost. Nearly 30-40% of money can be saved if used variable frequency drives are chosen over brand new ones.
  • Quick Delivery: The delivery of used equipment is quicker because they are readily available with us. We only list the products in JM Industrial’s catalog after testing the product. Therefore, we can deliver the used variable frequency controllers within weeks.

Tips to Choose Used Variable Frequency Controllers for Your Application

While buying used and surplus variable frequency controllers, the following parameters should be checked. This ensures the compatibility of the device with your applications.

  • Full Load Amperage: Full load amperage refers to the maximum current a VFD can supply. This is to check if the used VFD can fulfill the power demands of the motor. The VFDs generate 3 phase power output even if the main source of power is a single source. The full load amperage of VFDs should match with the motor’s power demands.
  • Overload Tolerance: Ensure that the used VFD is capable of handling overload current. Generally, the VFDs are designed for tolerance of 150% of overload for 60 seconds of operation. However, in real-time applications, this overload may rise to 500-600% which might cause damage to the electric circuitry of an industrial system. The used VFD with higher tolerance to overload must be chosen to avoid this damage.
  • Carrier Frequency: The lowest carrier frequency that the motor can handle should be checked while buying used variable frequency controllers. The mismatch of carrier frequencies of motor and VFDs can cause heat generation, noise, and additional power consumption. To prevent such issues, the currier frequencies should be tested.
  • Altitude: The altitude at which the VFDs are mounted and operated sets an important impact on performance. The higher the VFD is mounted, the lower is the air density which affects the cooling properties of the device.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Electronic devices are sensitive to temperature. Therefore, the used VFDs with higher temperature tolerance should be chosen.

Why Choose JM Industrial?

JM Industrial is one of the well-known suppliers of used and surplus industrial equipment. However, we stand out the most for the following qualities.

  • Financial Benefits: We sell used variable frequency controllers at 30% to 50% reduced prices.
  • Performance and Quality Assurance: We inspect the products and run performance tests at our facility, therefore, the quality and performance of our used variable frequency drives are assured.
  • Technical Assistance: We offer full customer support and technical assistance to our clients. Our experts can assist our clients in the selection of used and surplus variable frequency controllers and after the purchase too.

To know more about our used electrical equipment such as disconnects, starters, transformers and  VFDs, please contact us today.

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