Used and Surplus Centrifugal Fans

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused centrifugal fans from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy centrifugal fans from brands like Nishimura, New York Blower, ILG Industries Inc., Greenheck, Loren Cook Co. and more. Centrifugal fans are one of the most popular air moving equipment used in industries. The fans are kept in a duct housing and they direct the air in a specific direction across the heat sink. These fans are also referred to as biscuit blowers, blower fans, and blowers. Owing to their increasing use in industrial and commercial facilities, there is a high demand for new and used centrifugal fans. When buying unused and used centrifugal fans it is important to ensure their quality and performance. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Surplus and Used Centrifugal Fans Offered by JM Industrial

Our inventory comprises the following types of fans:

  • Backward Inclined Fans: These fans possess blades, which operate away from the direction of wheel rotation. The fans of this type may be equipped with three types of blades – curved single thickness, flat single thickness, and curved airfoil. At static pressures, these fans can produce high to medium airflow. Owing to their high operating speeds, they are preferred over fans listed here.
  • Radial Blade Fans: These fans are also known as paddlewheel fans, and they comprise impellers with blades that extend in the perpendicular direction of the rotation of the wheel. The blades in this type of fan are equally placed. The blades of this fan are narrower, heavier, and deeper than other fan types here. These fans can produce high to medium flow. They can move high mass or volume of fluid and are ideal for material handling industries.
  • Radial Tip Fans: The blades are backward curved, but they are cupped in the wheel rotations direction. They work similar to backward inclined fans, moving high mass and fluid. These fans are generally preferred for high flow rate applications. These fans are generally used in standard ventilation applications or dust collection systems.
  • Inline Centrifugal Fans: These fans feature backward inclined type wheels, which are enclosed in a casing. This casing is tube-axial type. Inline centrifugal fans are generally chosen for medium-duty applications.
  • Forward Curved Fans: These fans feature squirrel cage wheels, which is why they are known as squirrel cage fans. Forward curved fans feature impellers with small and curved blades, which are curved in the wheel’s rotational direction. They are employed for low pressure and low speed applications in central station units, domestic furnaces, and packaged air conditioning units.

Why Invest in Used and Surplus Centrifugal Fans?

By investing in used equipment, you are set to benefit in the following ways:

  • They are available at much low prices than new equipment. Thus, you can utilize your money in a better way.
  • When buying equipment from trusted suppliers like JM Industrial, you can be assured of their value.
  • You can easily save on depreciation which is higher in the first year of the equipment. So, you need not worry about product depreciation anymore.
  • Manufacturing an industrial equipment is a laborious and energy-intensive process. A fan may comprise several parts, which are individually manufactured and later assembled into a complete product. By investing in used surplus fans, you can be assured that less efforts will be required. There has been no energy-intensive process involved, too.
  • If you have been planning to reserve some additional centrifugal fans and blowers in your inventory for emergencies then investing in used ones can be the best choice.
  • When you are buying the equipment from us, you can be assured of their performance, and competitive prices. Both these factors will aid when building an inventory of emergency use products.

Why Buy Centrifugal Fans from JM Industrial?

Here are some benefits of buying used equipment from us:

  • Most fans listed here are available for immediate shipping, and this would help you reduce the wait times.
  • Be it a first or second investment – the quality always matter. We understand it better than anyone else. So, we have only tried to include the best quality and branded used and surplus centrifugal fans in our inventory.
  • They have been thoroughly inspected and tested for their performance by experts.
  • Owing to their quality, these fans can add value to your business equipment inventory and make a great second investment, too.
  • They are provided with all supporting technical documentation to ease the installation and ensure their proper working.
  • These fans are offered to you at much reduced prices than their original prices. This makes them affordable for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as businesses that may be looking for expansion without much investments.
  • All products listed on this page are covered under technical assistance. Our experts take efforts to answer individual customer queries and work closely with them to ensure appropriate installation and functioning of the devices.

JM Industrial connects buyers and sellers, which is why it serves as the trusted platform to buy and sell used fans and blowers, used axial fans, surplus centrifugal blowers and more. You can get in touch with our team today to know more about the fans and blowers listed here.

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