Used Feeders

Quick Turnaround Guaranteed on all Used and Unused Feeders

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused feeders such as belt, screw, vibrating and other feeders from leading manufacturers in various specifications Feeders are material handling systems that can be loaded on storage unit outlets such as silos, bins, hoppers, etc. These devices are used to meter or control the flow of bulk materials from the storage unit. Today, these material handling systems have become an important feature in various manufacturing plants and process industries. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Feeders

Types of Feeders Provided by JM Industrial

Currently, we provide the following types of used and unused feeders:

  1. Belt Feeders: These material handling devices provide volumetric feed and metering during the material handling applications. Our inventory includes quality belt feeders from industry leading brands such as Thayer and Acrison. These feeders are designed to withstand harsh working conditions.
  2. Screw Feeders: These devices are used for feeding bulk materials in various industries. We provide used screw feeders, which are built from both stainless steel and carbon steel. These feeders are available in various dimensions and specifications to meet your requirements. We stock screw feeders from brands such as Vibra Screw, Acrison, etc.
  3. Vibrating Feeders: As the name suggests, materials are fed to the system or process through vibration. The vibratory feeders also take advantage of gravity to move material. We provide used vibrating feeders made from durable materials, and diverse specifications. There are hopper feeders, as well as several electromagnetic feeders in our selection.
  4. Other Feeders: We have included various types of feeders in this category. Some of the popular types include rotary feeders, stainless steel feeders, and airlock feeders, etc.

We have a vast experience in buying and selling industrial feeder systems. We assure fast turnaround times, and affordable prices on all our products. If you wish to sell your used feeders or buy used feeders, please contact us.

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