Used Belt Feeders

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused belt feeders from leading manufacturers that guarantee consistent feed rate for bulk material handling. Our range of used belt feeders are readily available in both standard capacity and high-capacity models for high end material flow regulation. You can buy belt feeders from brands like K-tron, Merrick Industries, Acrison and more.

Belt feeders are designed to assure precise and continuous material addition throughout the bulk solids handling and processing operations. They are one of the inevitable, reliable, and effective material feeding solutions employed in every industry working with bulk solids. Built according to strict safety standards, they are guaranteed to provide high feeding precision and efficient process monitoring.  There are two important types of belt feeders, one is horizontal belt feeders and second is inclined belt feeders. These two feeders are mainly used for extracting bulk materials from hoppers and stockpiles or for regulating feeds to screens, conveyors, and crushers. It helps to provide volumetric regulation of feed materials to prevent surges. JM Industrial stocks various types of used feeders for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Used and Surplus Belt Feeders Offered by JM Industrial

For applications that require continuous feeding, higher feed rates, or gentler material handling you can consider the following types of belt feeders available at JM Industrial.

  • Weigh-belt Feeders: When continuous and controlled gravimetric feeding of bulk materials becomes your primary requirement, then choose weigh-belt feeders. Our K-Tron feeders and Merrick weigh belt feeders are available in a variety of belt widths and open or closed frame. These weigh feeders are simple, and provide highly efficient monitoring and feeding precision.
  • Traveling Belt Feeders: These belt feeders travel on tracks and they discharge at selected points. Alternately, the feeders may discharge continuous uniform material through the travel.

Applications of Used and Surplus Belt Feeders

Belt feeders that can work as stand-alone units or as a part of a process line and are widely used across the following industries.

  • Mining
  • Power generation
  • Construction
  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemical
  • Iron and steel

Why Purchase Used Belt Feeders for Your Application

Several benefits are associated with choosing used belt feeders over new ones. A few of them are listed follow:

  • Investing on used belt feeders bring the best value for money as you can avail them half a price than a brand new one. The goodness is that, you can enjoy the same features and operational excellence at this price range.
  • The market of surplus and used feeders is huge and this equipment are readily available with the specifications you are looking for. You can simply grab the item from the store than waiting for a long, as in the case of purchasing a new one.
  • Investing on surplus Industrial feeders equipment’s including belt feeders, screw feeders and vibrating feeders is certainly a good idea for short term projects. You can easily sell used belt feeders easily upon the successful completion of the project. The added advantage is that you can use top quality units from prominent brands, which is otherwise an expensive purchase in case if you are opting a new one.
  • With the purchase of used belt feeders, you can boost production, available warranties, avoid initial depreciation avoidance, lower insurance costs, get upgraded features, and avail good resale value.

Why Should You Buy Belt Feeders from JM Industrial?

We have gained a competitive advantage in the marketplace due to the following reasons.

  • With a strong network of supply chain and distribution systems, we ensure to get the right products at the right place at the right time with the impeccable quality as expected.
  • As we procure only the finest quality equipment, you can be rest assured with an outstanding dependability of our systems. All the items displayed here are available for immediate shipping after going through a stringent quality checking.
  • A system from us is a sustainable investment as the experts at our end make a stringent evaluation, which in turn assures a long service life.
  • Working with us is simple and straightforward. We have experts who can provide the required technical information and guide you towards a wise purchase.
  • We can also provide several high-quality controllers and control systems that can be used along with the materials feeding units.

Key Factors to consider when Buying Belt Feeders from JM industrial

As belt feeders are available in a wide range of specifications, selecting the most appropriate ones hold a great value to achieve the expected results.  Keep a note on the following before making a purchase.

  • Check the dimensions of the belt, including length and width and other specifications like weight and size of conveyor belt feeders. Consider the footprint, modularity, and scalability of the selected model. Considering these aspects is critical to meet the needs of production rate of your industrial set up.
  • Select a belt feeder after considering the flowability, abrasiveness, and moisture content of the materials being conveyed. Your choice between gravimetric and volumetric feeders must be based on this information.
  • Consider the type of environment in which the material feeding system will be placed. There is specially constructed equipment available that can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures or other conditions dealing with open ignition sources or a potential for fire or explosions.

We have a year of expertise in buying and selling industrial belt feeders for your specific applications that demand handling of large volumes of bulk material with different flow characteristics. With a commitment to offering high quality used belt feeders for sale at competitive price and backed up with superior service, we help you reduce overall costs, increase throughput, and enhance productivity. Contact us today!

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