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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused screw feeders from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy screw feeders from brands like Wallace & Tiernan, Metalfab, Vibra Screw, Dynamic Air, Acrison and more. Screw feeders are industrial equipment designed for metering bulk materials. The screw feeders are installed at the beginning of the conveyor system in the material processing units. The screw feeders are designed to forward the metered amount of bulk solids or semi-solid materials. Although in material processing industries, screw feeders are of high importance, they are not used actively for entire material processing cycles. They are often used for selective material processing activities and therefore investing in brand new screw feeders may not be convenient at times. Our used and surplus feeders are from trusted manufactures and tested for performance after first-hand application. JM Industrial stocks various types of used feeders for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Used and Surplus Screw Feeders Offered by JM Industrial

The following used and surplus screw feeders are available at JM Industrial.

  • Vibrating Bottom Screw Feeders: The vibrating bottom screw feeders are ideal for the amorphous type of solids. These feeders shake the material at the bottom to reduce bulks or clots of amorphous material. Then the material goes to the leadscrew for metering and forwarding.
  • Metering Screw Feeders: We offer metering screw feeders in various metering capacities. You can buy screw feeders with designed metering properties by checking the parameters of our products.
  • Volumetric Screw Feeders: Volumetric screw feeders are designed for metering and conveying material in bulk. These are bottom gated feeders, the material is stored in a volumetric cylinder which has a bottom gated opening to transfer the material to the screw unit.
  • Discharge Feeder Blenders: These screw feeders act as blenders and feeders simultaneously. In case of two materials to be fed together, these feeder blenders can be an ideal choice. Commonly, these discharge feeder blenders have a side gateway for adding secondary material.
  • Bin Discharge Screw Feeders: These are high-capacity screw feeders, which feature a mixing chamber of a screw-driven unit for material metering and conveying.
  • Dynamic Air Screw Feeders: These are pneumatically operated screw feeders. These units are compact-sized as compared to other screw feeders. These are ideal for metering semisolids. In these devices, the metering and forwarding screws are driven by pneumatic energy.

Applications of Used and Surplus Screw Feeders

The common applications of JM Industrial’s screw feeders are listed below.

  • Material blending
  • Quantitative material handling
  • Material mixing and processing

Why Buy Used and Surplus Screw Feeders over New Ones

There are multiple benefits of buying used screw feeders. The benefits of used and surplus screw feeders over new ones are as follows.

  • Performance Assurance: The used screw feeders are assured for performance. Since they are tested for performance parameters by the earlier user, the actual efficiency of the screw feeders is assured.
  • Cost Efficiency: At JM Industrial, we sell used screw feeders at 30-40% cost reduction as compared to the brand new products. This offers cost efficiency to the buyer.
  • Quick Delivery: Since we acquire the used screw feeders from first-hand users before placing the product on the product list, the delivery time of the product is reduced. This saves time over design, manufacturing, and other pre-delivery services. Therefore, we can deliver used and surplus screw feeders within few weeks.

Tips to Choose Used Screw Feeders for Your Application

When it comes to choosing used screw feeders, the confusion is understandable. Therefore, the following factors should be considered while buying used screw feeders so that they operate as well as new ones.

  • Type of Material to be Conveyed: The type of feeder should be chosen by considering material properties. Commonly, dry solids or semisolids like pastes are fed or conveyed using these feeders. The transportation speed of materials differs based on the type of materials. The solid material can be crystalline or amorphous. Therefore, the material properties and type of material should be considered while choosing used screw feeders.
  • Screw Size: The screw feeders feature a lead screw which acts as metering and material conveyance unit. The material is trapped inside the pitches of the screw and as the screw moves forward or backward, the material is carried in a specific direction. The metering capacity depends on the pitch of the screw whereas the conveyance capacity is directly proportional to the speed of rotation.
  • Screw Parameters: Screw parameters like screw lead, pitch, and thread height, etc impact the speed and capacity of material transfer through the screw feeders. These parameters are susceptible to deformation and dimensional changes over the long span of operation. This deformation can certainly make changes in the metering abilities of the feeders. That is why while buying used and surplus screw feeders, verification of screw parameters is necessary for comparison to the original parameters.
  • Operating Mechanism (Automated or Manual): The screw feeders can be manually operated or automated. In the industries where material processing is limited and less frequent, manual screw feeders may suffice. However, when industries require continuous metering and feeding of material, automated screw feeders can be highly efficient.
  • Metering Capacity: The screw feeders are designed for specific material metering capacity in selective time lapse. The theoretical metering capacity and practical/operational metering capacity should be verified. The metering capacity is one of the outputs of screw feeders, thus when buying screw feeders, it should be checked.

Why Choose JM Industrial

JM Industrial is one of the well-known suppliers of used and surplus industrial equipment. However, we stand out due to the following reasons.

  • Economic Benefits: We sell used screw feeders at comparatively lower prices.
  • Performance Assurance: Once we acquire the used equipment, we perform testing and inspection activities to ensure performance efficiency.
  • Customer Support and Technical Assistance: We offer pre-purchase guidance, post-purchase customer support, and technical support to our clients.

To know more about our users and surplus screw feeders and other related products such as belt feeders and vibrating feeders, please contact us today.

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