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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused filter-presses from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy filter-presses from brands like JWI Inc., Duriron, Seitz Enzinger Noll Mashinenbau AG, D. R. Sperry and more. JM Industrial stocks various types of used filters (liquid process) for sale. Sludge dewatering is an essential step in treating wastewater and industrial effluents. The main objective of sludge dewatering is to reduce the moisture content of the sludge to a level that allows it to be disposed or used as a fuel. In other words, sludge dewatering is a process that is used to remove water from a sludge so that it can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. An industrial filter press is a common piece of equipment used in this process. They are one of the most important machines used in various industries for solid/liquid separation. There are a variety of filter presses available on the market, including plate and frame filter press. If you have any questions, please contact us.  

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How Does An Industrial Filter Press Work?

The filter presses are used in industrial environments where they may be exposed to various challenging factors such as slurries, chemicals, etc. Any regular material will disintegrate if continuously exposed to these factors. This is why stainless steel is commonly used for building these filter presses. Our range of used stainless steel filter press feature several parallel plates, usually made of metal, which are fitted tightly together. The space between the plates is filled with a filter cake (a suspension of solids in a liquid), which is then squeezed by hydraulic pressure. This forces the liquid component of the suspension through the filter cake, while the solids remain on the surface of the plates.

How Many Types of Used Filter Presses Offered by JM Industrial?

Our selection features various kinds of industrial filter presses. You can choose from the following types of used filter press for sale offered here.

  • Plate and Frame Filter Presses: These filter presses comprise filter plates that are alternately arranged to form a filter chamber along with a frame. Our used plate and frame filter presses are ideal for slurries with near incompressibility or high compressibility of filter residues.
  • Chamber Filter Presses: The chamber filter press features a filter plate with concave sides. Each two filter plate is combined to produce a chamber-shaped filter. The hole in the center of the filter plate makes the slurry to flow into the filter chamber. Our chamber filter presses are suited for applications where the slurry must be filtered at high pressure.
  • Belt Filter Presses: These presses are used in sludge dewatering in various industries. The filter presses feature three working zones i.e. wedge compression dewatering zone, gravity dewatering zone, and shear dewatering zone. The dewatering capability of these presses depends on the type of chemical used. Although expensive than other variants on this list, we regularly process big orders for used belt filter presses.
  • Membrane Filter Presses: These filter presses are used for solid-liquid separation of slurry. The presses feature a layer of elastic membrane, which is placed between the filter cloth and filter plate.

Why Buy Used Stainless Steel Filter Press for Your Application?

There are several reasons why you should prefer purchasing a used or surplus filter press rather than a brand new one.

  • The first reason is cost. Buying a used or surplus filter press can be significantly cheaper than buying a new one.
  • The second reason is availability. If you need a specific type of filter press that’s not currently being manufactured, you may have to settle for a used or surplus model.
  • A used or surplus filter press will come with all the same features as a new one, minus the high price tag. You can add them to your existing equipment fleet or as a second investment for backup purposes.
  • Finally, buying a used or surplus filter press is a great way to help reduce environmental waste and keep your business green.

What are the Applications Filter Press Equipment?

Filter presses are one of the most essential machines in various industries. They are used extensively in the following industries:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper and pulp
  • Metalworking
  • Mining
  • Metallurgical

At JM Industrial, we keep a tab on industrial trends and changing technologies. We have always tried to buy and sell the products that are in-demand. It doesn’t matter, whether you are trying to buy a used filter press or sell your surplus filter press, bag filters, cartridge filter, pressure filters or wish to sell a wide range of industrial equipment, including stainless steel filter press in bulk. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our sales team will help you find the right equipment for your needs; assist you with the sale process if you are trying to earn extra money by selling your surplus equipment or help you find the right buyer for your bulk sale.

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