Used Heat Exchangers

Quality Used Heat Exchangers from Industry-leading Brands

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused heat exchangers such as air coolers, electric heaters, plate type, steam, shell & tube, spiral & helical heat exchanger from leading manufacturers in various specifications. Heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat from one fluid to another in the industrial environment. These devices are widely used in refrigeration, space heating, power stations, air conditioning, and petrochemical industries. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Heat Exchangers

Used and Unused Heat Exchanger Offerings at JM

We stock a wide variety of heat exchangers in our inventory. The following are the most important types offered by us:

  1. Air Coolers: These devices are designed to take away heat from a room or area where they are operated. All used heat exchangers in our stock are designed to cool air and condense moisture. We stock unused and used air coolers from brands such as Aerofin, and Bry-Air Systems.
  2. Electric Heaters: These devices are used to convert electric energy into heat. The heating systems of this type are used in various industrial processes, as well as regular water heating, and cooking applications. We provide used electric heaters from brands such as INDEECO, Chromolox, etc.
  3. Plate Type Heat Exchangers: Vibrating Feeders: These heat exchangers comprise thin plates with large surface areas, which allow easy heat exchange. The plate type heat exchangers are used in HVAC applications, as well as refrigeration. We provide best quality used plate type heat exchangers from brands.
  4. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers As the name suggests, these types of heat exchangers feature series of tubes. These heat exchangers can assume any three flow paths. We stock used shell & tube heat exchangers from brands such as Thermal Transfer Products, Chemineer, etc.

We provide various other types of heat exchangers such as used spiral & helical heat exchangers, and steam heat exchangers, immersion heat exchangers, etc. Over the years, we have acquired lots of experience in buying and selling industrial heat exchangers. Our wide networking helps us ensure fastest turnaround times, and affordable prices on all our products. If you wish to sell your used heat exchangers or buy used exchangers, please contact us.

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