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JM Industrial sells and buys new and used industrial air coolers from leading manufacturers. You can buy air cooler heat exchangers from renowned brands such as Gryphon Engineering, Xchanger, Larkin, Aerofin, Bry-Air Systems, and more. Air cooled heat exchangers, popularly called air fin fan coolers, and are mechanical devices used to transfer heat between a process fluid and the surrounding air. These air fin coolers are employed across industries where cooling or condensing of fluid is paramount, such as chemical plants, refineries, power plants, and more. Being one of the reliable suppliers in the industry, JM Industrial stocks different types of used heat exchangers for sale. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.  

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How Do Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Work?

Air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHEs) work on transferring heat from process fluid to the surrounding air through finned tubes and air fans. Initially, the process fluid – liquid or gas- enters the heat exchangers and flows through the tubes equipped with fins on their outer surfaces. Then, through the convection process, the air absorbs heat from the process fluid, causing it to cool down. Later, this heat is transferred from the fluid to the fins and then to the surrounding air. Once the air has absorbed the heat from the finned tubes, it is expelled back into the atmosphere, typically upward or directed to maximize heat dissipation. This continuous heat exchange between the process fluid and the surrounding air allows for effective cooling or condensation, depending on the application.

Types of Air Coolers Offered by JM Industrial 

At JM Industrial, we stock a wide range of surplus and used air coolers of different types. The following are a few common types used air cooled heat exchangers for sale.

  • Air Cooler Finned Tube Heat Exchangers: At JM Industrial, we offer these specialized heat transfer devices to cool fluids efficiently by utilizing the surrounding air. They consist of finned tubes that facilitate heat transfer between the fluid flowing through the tubes and the ambient air. Our air cooler finned tube heat exchangers are high-performance and built for tough duties. Our product range covers many applications such as oil & gas, data centers, and more. 
  • Radiator Coolers: Our radiator coolers or radiator heat exchangers are mainly used in automotive cooling systems, air conditioning units, and central heating systems. They transfer thermal energy between a fluid and surrounding air. These coolers comprise a series of fins or tubes, which provide a huge surface area for heat exchange. Considering your application needs, you can also check our inventory of used radiator coolers.
  • Plate Fin Heat Exchangers: They are compact heat exchangers that are ideal for use in a tight, compact space. These heat exchangers have a series of alternating layers of plates to provide efficient heat transfer. Our plate fin heat exchangers are used in applications with high heat generation, such as aerospace, cryogenics, power generation, and process industries.
  • Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers: Our fin-tube heat exchangers consist of tubes with extended surface fins attached to them. These tubes are made of thermally conductive materials, and the fins increase the surface area for efficient heat transfer. This makes them a popular choice in air conditioning systems, refrigeration units, and heat recovery systems. 

Components of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

An air heat exchanger comprises several components that work together to facilitate the efficient transfer of heat. Here are some components of used air heat exchangers.

  • Tubes: These are the primary channel or medium through which the process fluid flows. They are made of materials with good thermal conductivity, such as copper, aluminum, or stainless steel.
  • Fins: Fins are thin, elongated structures attached to the outer surface of the tubes. They significantly increase the surface area available for heat transfer, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the heat exchanger.
  • Fan(s): They provide the required airflow for cooling. These fans draw ambient air into the heat exchanger and force it to flow over the finned tubes. The airflow created by the fans facilitates heat exchange by pushing out the heat absorbed from the process fluid.
  • Fan Guard: To ensure safety and protect the fans from foreign objects or debris, a fan guard is installed over the fans. This guard typically consists of a mesh or grille that allows air to pass through while preventing objects from entering and potentially damaging the fan blades.
  • Frame: The frame provides stability and structural integrity to these industrial air coolers. It holds all the components together and provides a mounting platform for the tubes, fins, fans, and other elements.
  • Inlet and Outlet Connections: ACHEs have inlet and outlet connections that allow the process fluid to enter and exit the heat exchanger. These connections are typically pipes or fittings that are integrated into the overall design of the heat exchanger.

What Are the Benefits of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers?

Our used air cooled heat exchangers have a huge demand owing to their benefits. Here are some important ones:

  • One of the major advantages of our air coolers is that they eliminate the need for extra cooling medium like oil or water. This helps in reducing energy consumption and associated costs. Instead, it uses ambient air for cooling, making them inherently efficient.
  • These air coolers can be easily installed and maintained. Unlike conventional cooling systems, they have fewer components and don’t require a complex piping network. This reduces the chances of operational issues.
  • The flexibility and portability of these air coolers have largely contributed to their popularity. They can be installed anywhere and relocated as per the application requirement. This is advantageous where space constraints are common.
  • Air coolers use ambient air as a cooling medium. Thus, they are not susceptible to scaling, deposits, or biological growth caused by water or other corrosive substances. This makes them an ideal choice in several challenging environments.
  • Compared to other conventional cooling systems, air coolers are a cost-effective solution. The elimination of water treatment, corrosion control, and associated equipment can lead to significant cost savings.

Why Invest in Used Air Cooled Heat Exchangers?

Investing in used air-cooled heat exchangers can offer several advantages. Here are a few reasons why it might be a beneficial investment.

  • Compared to new equipment, used air coolers are available at much lower prices. This is advantageous if you have budget constraints. This saved money can be utilized for other business aspects.
  • When consulting trusted suppliers from the industry like JM Industrial, you can be assured of their quality, value, and performance.
  • Another important reason why customers choose used air heat exchangers is their availability. You can easily get a suitable unit for your application without waiting for a lengthy manufacturing process. 
  • The used air coolers are pre-owned and ready for immediate installation and use. This saves time and minimizes disruptions to your operations. 
  • Choosing used air coolers helps reduce the carbon footprint. You can easily save energy and resources required for making new cooling systems.
  • Investing in used air-cooled heat exchangers offers the advantage of avoiding the time-consuming, energy-intensive, and laborious process of manufacturing new units. By opting for pre-owned equipment, you can significantly reduce the effort required and have the flexibility to focus on customization options if desired.

Applications of Air Coolers

Our air coolers find a wide range of applications in various industries. Here are some typical applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverages
  • Gas Compression Stations
  • HVAC Systems
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Generation
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Oil Refineries

At JM Industrial, we prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else. With our expertise in consigning, buying, and selling used air coolers, electric heaters, shell & tube heat exchangers and other used industrial equipment, we serve as a bridge connecting industry-leading buyers and sellers across the globe. For any queries or technical assistance, our dedicated experts are available 24*7 to offer the best possible solution. Feel free to reach out to us for your application requirements.

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