Used Instrumentation

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused Instrumentation from leading manufacturers in various specifications. Industrial instrumentation involves measuring process conditions such as flow, level, temperature, pressure and similar process variables. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Instrumentation

Different Instrumentation Equipment at JM Industrial

We have a variety of instrumentation equipment to measure different industrial processes. The following are some examples of the instrumentation we have in stock:
  1. Flow Transmitters: : Flow transmitters are used to measure the process flow by one of several different means. Some of the most popular methods are differential pressure, Coriolis Effect, magnetic and ultrasonic.
  2. Pressure Indicators: Pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters typically measure by having a diaphragm attached to the process and then either by direct connection or a capillary system are connected to the electronic transmitter.
  3. Temperature Indicators: Temperature transmitters are used to measure and record temperatures. The two most common types are RTD and thermocouple.
  4. Level Indicators: Level transmitters measure and record levels of fluids in various applications. Typical methods include differential pressure, ultrasonic, and microwave.
JM Industrial provides the quality used, and unused Instrumentation. If you’re interested in any of our products or have any questions, please call us at 304-273-0795. We also answer questions via email at

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