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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused pressure instruments from leading manufacturers with various specifications. You can buy pressure instruments from brands like Clyde Pneumatics, Endress+Hauser Inc., Emerson and more. Pressure measurement is an integral part of several process industries. A processes outcomes and safety of a process depends on pressure, which can be achieved by monitoring it regularly. JM Industrial stocks various types of used instrumentation for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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What are the types of Used and Surplus Pressure Sensing Instruments Offered by JM Industrial?

We stock one of the varied and broad selections of used and surplus pressure instruments online. With us, you can find the following:

  • Pressure Transmitters: These instruments feature a pressure sensor with a standard signal output. Generally, the transmitters contact a pressure variable and convert it into a standard output signal. Pressure transmitters comprise three parts – measuring circuit, pressure sensing element, and process connection. The pressure transmitters can convert the pressure parameters of liquid and gas sensed by the pressure sensing element into electrical signals. Our selection features industry-leading series of Emerson pressure transmitters, including Emerson Rosemount 2051 coplanar pressure transmitters, Rosemount 2051 inline pressure transmitters, and so on.
  • Pressure Gauges: These instruments feature sensitive elements that can measure and indicate the pressure, higher than ambient pressure. These gauges are extensively used across industries, including oil and gas transmission systems, heating pipe networks, gas and water supply systems, vehicle maintenance and repair facilities, and so on. Our selection features Amtek pressure gauge.

Why Buy Used and Surplus Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Gauges for Your Application?

There are several benefits of using used pressure transmitters and pressure gauges. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Although Emerson pressure transmitters and Omega pressure transmitters are popular, the wait times can be longer than 6 months. You can easily avoid on long wait times by buying used pressure transmitters.
  • As Emerson pressure transmitters and Omega pressure transmitters have set industry standards and are offered at high prices. However, used ones are available in fractional prices. If you buy them from us, you can be assured of their working condition, too. In short, you can easily save on these transmitters while leveraging the benefits of their underlying technologies.
  • Pressure monitoring is consistently performed in many process industries. Businesses operating in these process industries cannot afford downtimes. They can include used transmitters in their backup to use during emergencies, without outdoing their budget.
  • Production of pressure transmitters is an energy-extensive process, however, by buying good quality used pressure transmitters you can save on energy spend, efforts, time, and money!
  • You can save on the depreciation value of pressure transmitters, because the depreciation rate is high in the first year.

How to Choose a Used Pressure Transmitter for Your Application?

There are different types of pressure transmitters available with us. You can see used inline pressure transducers, used coplanar pressure transmitters, and more. All these pressure transducers or pressure transmitters have typical features, which makes them ideal for certain applications. The following pointers will make the selection easy.

  • Pressure Range: You must be aware of the operational range of the pressure transmitter. This must be compared with your process pressure measurement requirements. Ensure, the pressure transmitter you choose has overpressure protection.
  • Process Media: A pressure transducer may be used for measuring pressure of process fluids. Generally, referred to as wetted parts, the pressure transducers must be chosen keeping their compatibility with process media in mind. If the transmitter is to be used in clean and dry air, any material can be used, whereas for a seawater, the transmitter bodies made of nickel content and stainless steel must be used.
  • Application and Measurement Type: Used pressure transmitters available with us are designed for measuring gauge, absolute, differential, vacuum, and bidirectional pressure. The measurement type will depend on the application where you plan to use it.

At JM Industrial, we connect buyers and sellers on our platform. So, whether you wish to sell or buy pressure transmitters, flow instruments, level instruments you can connect with us. Our experts will ensure your product are added to the right category and will help you earn a good price for your surplus and used equipment. Contact us today for more discussion.

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