Used and Surplus Laboratory Equipment

A Vast Variety of Used Laboratory Equipment to Suit Your Specific Needs

A laboratory is a facility where various technological, scientific or medical experiments are performed in a controlled manner. Various types of laboratory equipment (or lab equipment) and devices are used by people working on these experiments. J& M Industrial provides quality used and unused laboratory equipment to its clients in diverse industries including chemical, healthcare, metallurgy, etc. We assure quick turnaround times on all orders.

Types of Laboratory Equipment

Used and Unused Laboratory Equipment Provided by J&M Industrial

We stock a variety of laboratory equipment, which is not only in good working condition, but also from industry-leading brands. The following are the important types of used and unused laboratory equipment provided by us:
  1. Laboratory Grinders: Most sampling materials used in a laboratory are non-homogenous in nature. These materials are reduced to fine powders while preparing representative samples. For this purpose, laboratory grinders are used. We provide high quality and used laboratory grinders from Komarek, and other industry-leading brands.
  2. Laboratory Ovens: As the name indicates, these ovens are designed for high volume thermal convection applications. These devices are known to maintain uniform temperatures throughout, and are employed for applications such as drying, polyamide baking, die-bond curing, etc. The ovens of this type are used in technology, healthcare, as well as transportation industries. We provide used laboratory ovens in diverse specifications and dimensions.
  3. Lab Screeners: These equipment are used to screen small powder batches in laboratory applications. We provide used lab screeners that are used in test laboratories, as well as several other industrial environments. We stock products from brands such as Gradex, WS Tyler, etc.
  4. Other Lab Equipment: Our selection features various miscellaneous products that are used in the laboratory environment such as lab tanks, spinning disc atomizer, metallographs, flow filters, etc. We stock these products from popular brands such as Pure Air Corporation, Bausch and Lomb, etc.
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