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JM industrial buys and sells used magnets from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy magnets from brands like Eriez Magnetics, Bunting Magnetics Co., Cesco, Puritan Magnetics and more. Industrial magnets are primarily used to separate iron particles from a flow of products or materials in a process industrial system. Through the area of product flow, there are staggered magnetic tubes which attract the iron contaminants and push them to the sides or underneath. If you have a surplus magnet that you want to sell, please contact us.

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Types of Surplus and Used Magnets at JM Industrial

Our selection features the following types of used and surplus magnets.

  • Drawer grate magnets: There is an assembly of magnets spaced out at around two inches on a rectangular metal frame placed on an enclosure. Here, you have a pullout drawer which collects the iron particles or pieces, which can be taken out manually. Likewise, there may be two or more trays of magnetic tubes arranged for the product flow in a zig-zag manner.
  • Drum magnets: These magnetic drum separators have two oversized inspection panels with a sheet metal cladding, along with a gear motor drive of 1 or 2 HP or beyond. Most models have manual flow adjustment.
  • Tapered step plate magnets: Made of a sturdy metal such as stainless steel, this magnet has two or more milled magnetic plates. These are hinged onto the metal body or enclosure. These are suited for high-density applications or segments where there is zero tolerance for any ferrous contamination, such as food & beverages.
  • Magnet assembly: This assembly comprises a number of magnetic bars placed on a rectangular metal frame. The number of bars are equally divided into three or four parts and grouped together. For instance, if there are six bars, three centers are drawn on the frame and two bars are grouped and placed in an equidistant manner.

Applications of Used and Surplus Magnets Offered at JM Industrial

These magnets remove a variety of scrap metal which may otherwise damage or clog the product. Here are a few application areas of our used and surplus magnets:

  • Food and beverages
  • Mining
  • Polymer
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Glass and ceramics

Why Buy Used and Surplus Magnets?

There are many advantages benefits of buying used magnets. Here are some of them.

  • Quality and maintenance: Being a quality-focused company, we ensure the quality of all the used and surplus magnets before they are listed on this website. We ensure only accurate and superior quality magnets get shipped to our customers.
  • Affordability: While used magnets are definitely cheaper than new ones, our surplus ones are affordable too. The surplus ones are almost new magnets available in excess quantities and hence are sold at a lesser price. However, the main factor here is reduced depreciation which increases the cost effectiveness of these used magnets. Surprisingly, any new magnet would undergo depreciation in a year or so, while magnets which are more than two years old and used depreciate lesser than the new ones.
  • Availability: Most certainly, used magnets are easily available in our inventory, depending on the type you need. Here, there is no waiting period unlike that for a new one. So, the magnets can be shipped as soon as you require.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: You save on multiple resources and energy required to manufacture new magnets, when you buy used ones. This is a big step which reduces carbon footprint as well as energy consumption.
  • Reduced production downtime: There is no waiting period, and hence no downtime and subsequent production losses. This helps reduce financial losses.

If you are a process industry OEM and need a used industrial magnet or metal detector for your application, you can trust us as your reliable partners for all your magnet-related needs. Also, J&M Industrial has an efficient aftersales team who can answer all the questions on these magnets and offer you post-sales services after installation. They can also assist you to choose the right magnet, metal detectors and samplers. In case of any further inquiries or requirement sharing, do reach us on phone or email.

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