Used Metal Detectors

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused metal detectors and parts from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy used metal detectors from brands like Eriez, Bunting Magnetics Co., Loma International, Inc., Goring Kerr, Mettler Toledo, Fortress, Safeline, Kamflex and more. If you have any questions or want to sell your used metal detectors, please contact us.

Metal detectors, as the term implies, detect metal pieces or particles on surfaces. This is required in several industries with harsh environments such mining, construction activities, and metal processing. These processes gather debris, contaminants, metals, and several other solid granules which need to be removed from the final product. Also, they may be toxic and cause respiratory or health issues to workers. Today, metal detectors are used in industrial workplaces to avoid these issues. They are also used in the surveillance segment to scan humans and luggage at airports or malls. A metal detector possesses a handheld unit with a sensor probe that can be swept over the objects to detect the presence of metal. They are mainly helpful for finding metals buried underground or hidden within objects. With the increasing use of these devices in industrial and commercial facilities, the demand for used and surplus metal detectors has risen.

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Types of Used and Surplus Metal Detectors Offered By JM Industrial

Basically, metal detectors work on the principle of electromagnetism. They energize any metals in their electromagnetic field, and the metals respond by forming their own field. Now, metal detectors have powerful sensors and have technologically advanced. Our inventory comprises the following important types of used metal detectors:

  • Tunnel Metal Detectors: These metal detectors are widely used in process industries as they can be integrated with conveyor systems. They enclose the conveyor belt or material chute. Regardless of the type of the metal and whether the contaminant is exposed or embedded in the product, they detect metallic contaminants. They are best suited for food, milling, grain, and powder/bulk industries.
  • Modular Metal Detectors: They are well-known for their maximum detection performance. They feature ultra-high tuned frequencies with enhanced noise and vibration immunity that detect more metals. In addition, they possess adaptable modular construction and facilitate effortless configurability.
  • Gravity Fall or Fall Through Metal Detectors: They are best-suited to inspect bulk free-falling grains or granules, powders, and so on. Our gravity fall metal detectors come with enhanced performance monitoring features, automated test systems, reduced test mode, and so on. These features help increase production capacity, improve productivity, deliver better compliance, and more.

Factor Considerations Before Buying Used and Surplus Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are the most common and widely used equipment. Available in various specifications and designs, selecting the right one can be challenging. Here are some important tips that will be helpful in this case.

  • Determine objectives as well as requirements while selecting metal detectors.
  • Think about the place and its environmental conditions where you need to use this equipment. Evaluate the inspection area. Is it dry or wet? Check the operating environment and temperature fluctuations. This is because the major cause of metal detector failure is water intrusion into electrical components.
  • Metal detection sensitivity is another important factor consideration for metal detectors. Metal detectors play a key role in a plant control program by providing good sensitivity performance. Each industrial facility has specific sensitivity targets for different metals. These targets should be discussed with suppliers and distributors before making any decision.
  • Next, you must check for the frequency of the metal detector. This helps determine how well targets can be achieved. A single frequency detector that transmits at high frequencies will give more depth on small targets and vice versa.

Why You Should Buy Used Metal Detectors

By selecting a used equipment for your forthcoming application, you are set to benefit in the following ways:

  • Compared to new ones, used machines are available at much lower prices. Thus, you can utilize the saved amount on other aspects of business growth.
  • By buying equipment that is more than a couple of years old, you actually save on depreciation value which is higher in the initial year.
  • An industrial equipment manufacturing process is laborious and demands more effort than anyone may think. If you consider used metal detectors for your applications, less or equal to zero efforts are required. Also, there has been no energy-intensive process involved.
  • One of the major reasons customers are interested in used equipment is reducing their carbon footprint. You save resources and energy required for making a new equipment altogether.
  • Used metal detectors can be the best choice for emergencies as there is no waiting period which may result in production downtime.
  • When buying used equipment from a reliable supplier like JM industrial, you can be assured of their value, performance, and overall condition. These factors will help when building an inventory of used emergency products.

JM Industrial is one of the leading resellers of used and surplus magnet and metal detectors in the United States. The satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance for us. We consign, buy, and sell used magnets, metal detectors, samplers and other industrial equipment. In addition, we act as a bridge that connects reputed sellers and buyers across the US. For any doubts or queries regarding how to sell or buy used metal detectors, get in touch with our experts, who will assist you in all possible ways.

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