Used Mixers & Blenders

JM industrial buys and sells used mixers and blenders such as batch mixers, paddle mixers, ribbon blenders, gravity blenders, and continuous mixers & blenders from leading manufacturers in various specifications. Industrial mixers and blenders are equipment that are used on a large scale to mix and blend various heterogeneous materials to form a homogenous product. These machines are widely used in various manufacturing and processing industries to mix materials as a part of a process. This equipment are widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical processing, and other industries. Used blenders are available in batch or continuous design utilizing one of several basic types to achieve the optimum mix in the least amount of time depending on the need. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Mixers & Blenders

Types of Used Mixers and Blenders at JM Industrial

At JM Industrial, we have been catering to industrial customers for several years now. We understand their requirements and have been offering the following types of used blenders and mixers.

  • Batch Mixers: As the name indicates, the material is mixed in batches within these mixers and blenders. One batch of material is mixed, blended, and discharged before the next batch is introduced. In these mixers, the materials are added, mixed, and discharged at predefined phases. At JM Industrial, you will find vertical auger mixers, blenders, and double cone mixers from various brands.
  • Continuous Mixers and Blenders: In these mixers, the material is added continuously and mixed. All the steps like weighing, loading, and mixing are performed simultaneously. Our selection features several used and unused continuous mixer conditioners and blenders from Littleford, FB Leopold, and so on.
  • Gravity Blenders: These blenders are designed to blend ingredients of different types, bulk densities, weights, and so on. Gravity blenders may use either continuous or batch mixing and blending arrangement. Against the other types of blenders, these blenders are fitted with elements that produce the gravity needed for blending. Gravity blenders are used to achieve material consistency and combine different ingredients. We have gravity blenders varying from 150 Cu. Ft. to 2000 Cu. Ft. These types of blenders require low initial and maintenance costs.
  • Paddle Mixers: The mixers of this type are fitted with paddles on rotating shafts, and these paddles create kneading and folding motion inside the trough. The paddles move the material from the trough bottom to the middle and to the sides to produce a mixture of materials. They can be operated with a continuous mixing arrangement. We also stock used and unused sanitary paddle mixers, which are widely used in food production facilities. Paddle mixers are mainly used in tablet granulation, as well as mixing dry materials. We have paddle mixers of different sizes varying from 2.5 Cu. Ft. to over 200 Cu. Ft.
  • Ribbon Blenders: They feature ribbon agitator and U-Shaped trough. The ribbon agitator features inner and outer helical agitators. The inner agitators in these blenders initiate material movement in one direction and the outer one initiates them in the other direction. The ribbons of these blenders move laterally and radially to ensure quick blends. These are U-shaped horizontal troughs used in several blending applications including fire retardants, fertilizers, engineered plastic resins, etc.
  • Double Cone Blender: Efficient and gentle batch mixing for small to large volumes.

Benefits of Choosing Used Industrial Mixers and Blenders

Mixers and blenders are used in almost every industry, so, you can find new and used ones too. Why used and surplus mixers are better than new ones? At JM Industrial, we believe that the following reasons make them better than new ones:

  • Available Immediately: The new ones may be available only upon order, which will increase your wait times. However, used and surplus ones are available easily. They help cut down your wait times.
  • Save Money: The blenders or mixers listed on this page are used once or have never been used but lying in the inventory for a long time. This cuts down their costs immensely and you can take advantage of the same if you are considering them as a second investment or support.
  • Good Condition: Although this may not be the case everywhere, at JM Industrial we assure a good working condition of all the products listed here. They are checked for their functioning and are then placed on the website.
  • Eco-Friendly: You will be saving on your carbon footprint by ordering from us. This is because used blenders and mixers have already been used and there is no energy expense involved unlike when producing a new one.

Why Choose JM Industrial to Source Your Used Mixers and Blenders

How do we differ from our competitors? This is one of the most obvious questions that we encounter at all times. The answer lies in the following differences:

  • Experience: Understanding comes with experience and we truly believe in that. Since the inception, we have been catering to the needs of several industrial customers like you. So we understand what your business requires. This is why on this page, you will only find the used and surplus blenders or mixers that have been highly popular across industries.
  • You Get What You See: We believe in transparency and this is why we only sell what we have showcased here. All the products showcased here feature product descriptions and sheets, which will give you an idea about their condition, capabilities, and specifications. For any additional information, you can easily get in touch with our team today.
  • High Value Assured: It is not every day that you invest in industrial supplies for your facility, so, we assure value for your investments. We only stock the used and unused products from industry-leading brands. Also, these products are made available to you at fair prices. You do not need to bother about high price tags that usually come with new equipment.
  • Fastest Turnaround Times: All the products that you see here are available in our stock, so we assure quick shipping. This makes us one of the first stop destination for people who may be looking for used mixers with short wait times.
  • Excellent Customer Experience: Over the years, the competition has drastically increased in the industry that we serve. Amid all this, we could grow because we assure better customer experiences than any other supplier. All customer queries and issues are handled by our experts who always provide feasible solutions and guide customers to make the right selection based on their requirements.  

In addition to these used blenders and mixers, we also provide all types of industrial material handling equipment. If you’re interested in any of our products or have any questions, please call us at 304-273-0795. We also answer questions via email at

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