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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused motors and drives such as gear motors, gear reducers, electric motors, power pack drives and more from leading manufacturers in various specifications. Electric motor and drives are critical components of any industrial system. They find use in nearly all applications on equipment such as fans and blowers, screenerspumps, etc. Most electric motor and drives are developed to offer long term performance with minimum downtime. JM Industrial is a great source to find new and used motors and gear drives in stock and ready to ship. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Motors & Drives

Types of Used Motors and Drives Offered by JM Industrial

JM Industrial provides the following types of used and unused motor and drives at economical prices.

  1. Electric motors: An electric motor is an essential part of most all industrial equipment. These motors generate high torque at low speed and low horsepower. Most of our AC motors are three phase. We have many different horsepower motors available.
  2. Gear reducers: Gear reducers or speed reducers are equipped with a toothed wheel, which engages with another of its kind, and slows down the transmitted motion or RPMs. We provide gear reducers in diverse gear ratios, output rpm, and torque capacities. Also, these reducers are available in different mounting hole centers.
  3. Gear motors: A gear motor comprises of an electric motor and reduction gear, which is packaged in one easy-to-mount unit. We offer gear motors in various horsepower ratings, torque capacities, and voltages. Our gear motors are equipped with explosion proof designs, which makes them ideal for sensitive environments.
  4. Power pack drives: Power pack drives consist of series of electrical pumps driven by an electrical motor. There are abundant varieties of power pack drives available with variable pressure differences, horse powers, adjustable flows and weight capacities. We also provide power pack drives with shell and tube heat exchanger oil coolers.
  5. Power transmission parts:Various power transmission parts support the bulk movement of energy from point of generation. We offer these power transmission parts in cast iron and stainless steel construction. This ensures its durability, ruggedness, and prevention against corrosion.
  6. Variable speed drives:These drives are also known as adjustable speed drives, and are used to control the motor speed and torque by varying the voltage. We also provide manually adjustable speed range models.

Buying used and unused motors and gear drives from us will help you save money. For more information on our products, please contact us today.

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