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JM industrial buys and sells used power pack drives from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy hydraulic power units from brands like KFC Gmbh, White Drive Products, Innotek Engineered Products and Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. Hydraulic power packs or power pack drives are units designed to generate a massive amount of power required for operating hydraulic machinery. These power packs usually feature a hydraulic pump, a motor, and a reservoir. They are found on industrial components such as valves, filters, oil coolers, and pressure limiting valves. If you want to sell used hydraulic power pack, we are here to buy it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Used and Surplus Power Pack Drives Offered by JM Industrial

JM Industrial is considered one of the best sources for used and surplus power pack drives. Our selection features the following types of power pack drives.

  • Micro Hydraulic Power Units: These power pack drives can be mounted on motorized machines. They are compact units that feature DC motors of 800 watts.
  • Mini Hydraulic Power Units: Our selection features several mini hydraulic power units larger than the micro hydraulic power units and are generally chosen for mobile applications.
  • Standard Hydraulic Power Units: These power pack drives have higher flow rates and pressure ratings than the other two types mentioned here. These power units are typically used in industrial applications such as in-plant operations. Our standard hydraulic power units are rated for high pressure and heavy loads.

Working of Hydraulic Power Pack Drive Explained

A hydraulic system uses hydraulic fluid for energy transfer between sources. This energy transfer initiates rotary motion, force, and linear motion. The power unit or pack offers the power necessary for the fluid transfer. The power pack drives are equipped with temperature control devices and use multi-stage working networks. The performance of a hydraulic power unit may be affected by features such as power capacity, pressure limits, and reservoir volume.

Benefits of Choosing Used and Surplus Power Pack Drives

There are several benefits of choosing used and surplus hydraulic power pack drives over the new ones. The benefits are not limited to the following:

  • You can save on the prices. Buying used and surplus power pack drives can be the best choice if you are a startup or looking to expand your reserve equipment collection.
  • We offer used and surplus hydraulic power pack drives for one-fourth of their original price.
  • These power pack drives are available for immediate shipping. Thus, you can easily cut down on the waiting period.
  • If you buy used power pack drives, you can easily cut down your carbon footprint. Fabrication and manufacturing of components in these power pack units is an energy-intensive process. You can be assured that no energy-intensive manufacturing was involved.
  • You can save on the depreciation rates of these power pack drives.

How to Choose Hydraulic Power Units for Your Application

We offer one of the broadest selections of hydraulic power units for various industrial applications. This makes the selection quite challenging for industrial users. The following tips will be helpful in this context.

  • Operating Pressure: Hydraulic power units come in a wide range of operating pressures. The power unit delivers the operating pressure to the outlet. These power units can be rated for a broad range of operating pressures or for a single rating.
  • Cooling Method: The power unit may be cooled using various cooling methods, including fan-driven oil cooler, heat exchange, etc. Focus on the benefits of each of these cooling options. To make the right choice, you need to know the heat generated by the power unit.
  • Total Amount of Power: This is the amount of power drawn by the pump or motor to operate. Many models are equipped with multiple power sources. So, when the total amount of power is considered, the total power offered by these sources must be considered. Power is indicated in horsepower or other such units.
  • The Capacity of the Power Unit Reservoir: The capacity of the power unit reservoir is expressed in gallons. These reservoirs are available in a wide range of capacities.
  • Fluid Flow: This may have low or high ratings or a single rating. Fluid flow is the flow of the fluid through the power unit.
  • Nominal [TB1] Power: This is the motor’s power used to drive the hydraulic pump. Nominal [TB1] Power is expressed in kilowatts (kW) or watts (W).
  • Nominal Flow Rate: It is the liquid volume that is sent by the pump to the system in a particular time.
  • Types of Pumps: Hydraulic power units are equipped with different types of pumps, which are distinguished based on their operating stages. These stages include single stage, double stage, and multi-stage. In multi-stage configurations, the pumps usually perform like multiple pumps connected in series.
  • Motor Size: Generally, gasoline or diesel motor is used in power pack drives. The motor can be measured considering different factors such as gallons per minute, horsepower, pressure, and mechanical pumping efficiency.

Applications of Used Hydraulic Power Units

At JM Industrial, we regularly deliver high quality used and surplus hydraulic power units for the following applications:

  • Aerial work platforms
  • Hoists
  • Safety doors
  • Forklifts
  • Log loaders

JM Industrial offers a platform for buyers and sellers to sell power pack drive, gear motors, gear reducers, electrical motors, power transmission parts and more whether used or surplus quite effectively. If you wish to sell or buy used power pack drives or any other industrial equipment, please contact our team today. Our experts will help you find the right product for your needs or position your equipment for better selling prospects. We are happy to serve you always.

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