Used and Surplus Packaging Equipment

There are different types of packaging equipment, both automatic, as well as semi-automatic available at J&M Industrial.

Types of Packaging Equipment

Types of Packaging Equipment at J&M Industrial

We have different types of packaging equipment in stock. The following are some examples of packaging equipment we provide:
  1. Bulk bag loaders: Used to load bulk bag or super sacks with material, these often include a weighing system and a bulk / dribble loading mechanism for accurate filling by weight.
  2. Bulk bag unloaders: Used to unload material from a bulk bag or super sack for use in the process. Often combined with a form of conveyor.
  3. Bag Dump Station: Bag dump stations eliminate material waste by collecting the dust generated while dumping bulk solids or powders from boxes, and bags.
  4. Balers & Compactors: Balers and compactors are used to reduce the volume of a material through a compressing process. Balers are used to compress cardboards, plastics, metals, etc, while compactors are used to compress a large volume of material into a confined area.
  5. Checkweighers: Checkweighers are used for checking the weight of packaged products. They operate either manually or automatically.
  6. Lift Tables: Lift tables are used to raise or lower products. These units make use of a scissor mechanism to operate.
J&M Industrial provides the quality used, and unused Packaging Equipment. If you’re interested in any of our products or have any questions, please call us at 304-273-0795. We also answer questions via email at

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