Used Bag Dump Stations

JM industrial buys and sells used bag dump stations from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy bag dump station from Schenck Process, Dynamic Air Inc., National Bulk Equipment, Vac-U-Max, American Process and more. We offer several models of used and surplus bag dump stations that can empty a bag of bulk solids in about 30 seconds, which otherwise takes at least 2 minute using traditional ways.

Bulk solids stored in bags, boxes, drums, and other containers are a common sight in various industrial and commercial environments. Among these, the bags are the most common choice of storage. These bags are emptied before using the product. Some solids are lost through dusting while emptying the bag. This is a slow and tedious process, because it needs to be done carefully. However, there is a way to make it much easier with the help of compact and effective bag dump stations. An automatic bag dump station is a simple device that allows users to empty bags that are full of bulk solids quickly and easily. It is an excellent means of emptying bags because it does not require any additional manpower to complete the transfer.

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Types of Used and Surplus Bag Dump Stations Offered by JM Industrial

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused bag dump stations from in various specifications. You can buy used bag dump station from Schenck Process, Dynamic Air Inc., National Bulk Equipment and more. Our collection features the following types of used and surplus bag dump stations.

  • Pneumatic Conveying Bag Dump Stations: These automatic bag dump stations are used to transfer bulk solids by vacuum or air pressure. Our pneumatic conveyor bag dump stations can be easily integrated into production lines or process and can easily handle multiple products in the equipment. These systems are more appropriate for conveying dry and free-flowing to semi-free flowing bulk solids.
  • Mechanical Conveying Bag Dump Stations: Mechanical conveying bag dump stations use slip stick, conveyor belts, flexible screw, or bucket elevators to convey materials. Our mechanical conveying bag dump stations enable conveying large amount of bulk solids with minimal energy consumption.
  • Mixer Feeding: These feeders are commonly used in applications where the material that is loaded or stockpiled in a hopper is introduced to a system at a particular feed rate. Mixer feeders are compatible with a wide range of bulk solids.  

Applications of Used Bag Dump Stations

It is always wise to buy used bag dump stations from JM Industrial to eliminate manual handling. With these systems, you don’t need a worker to pick up each bag, turn it over and empty it, which can cause injuries and can be time consuming. The units can handle a wide range of bulk materials, starting from free-flowing granules to sticky fine powders. Our range of automatic bag dumping stations are widely used for the following applications:

  • Silo filling
  • Mixer loading
  • Production line feeding
  • Bulk truck loading
  • Packaging systems feeding
  • Dosing, weighing and batching systems
  • Bulk truck loading systems

Why Should You Choose Surplus and Used Bag Dump Stations for Your Application?

Buy used bag dump stations from JM industrial and gain substantial savings on money and time than opting for a brand new one. However, many sectors are still unaware of the advantages of investing on a used equipment. Well, there are a number of reasons for buying used equipment over a brand new one, which are as mentioned below:

  • Cost Factor: It is obvious that buying a new product is much more expensive as compared to getting it from JM Industrial that deals in used products. In addition, used and surplus item can save you a lot of money as you don’t need to invest a ton of capital, which can be otherwise used for other strategic purposes.
  • Ease in Customization: When you buy used equipment, you have the freedom to make alterations and customizations that fit your budget and needs. There are a large number of our customers who prefer making modifications to the items we sell. For example, they increase the capacity of a bag dump station, or they attach a side channel to remove dust from the material they are dumping.
  • Proven and Tested: When you buy used equipment, you are actually investing on an item that has already broken in. It’s been tested and proven to work, so there won’t be any surprises when you actually use it.

Why Should You Buy Used Bag Dump Stations from J&M Industrial?

JM Industrial is one of the most trusted and respected names when it comes to buy or sell used and surplus industrial process equipment. We have built a reputation for supplying top-quality products that are reliable and efficient, whilst offering unmatched customer service throughout the process.

The following reasons substantiate the reasons to buy used bag dump stations from us.

  • We supply high quality used bag dump stations in quick turnarounds and competitive prices to ensure a dust free environment.
  • The models we provide to our customers are in excellent condition and can be used without much modifications or maintenance.
  • We closely associate with our customers to figure out what they need and then we go above and beyond those needs.
  • Our range of used equipment suits best for different conveying and storage systems.
  • Their rigid, steel construction assures years of operation with no or minimal down time.
  • All surplus and used bag dump stations displayed on this page are available for immediate shipment and tested for their optimum performance.

Overall, the models in this category help reduce material waste while also safeguarding workers and reducing contamination at your facility. If you want to buy and sell packaging equipment including used bag sealers, used balers & compactors, box dumpers, used and new balk bag filters, bag dump stations with confidence, then your best option is to associate with JM industrial. Exploit the expertise of our customer care executives to select the correct bag dump station model and configuration for your application.

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