Used Bulk Bag Fillers

JM Industrial is a trusted source for buying used and surplus bulk bag fillers. We take pride in offering a wide selection of bulk bag fillers from brands like Carolina Conveying Inc. Control & Metering, Taylor Products, and more. With our extensive inventory of used bulk bag fillers, we ensure that you have access to solutions for your bulk material handling needs.

Bulk bag fillers, popularly called super sack fillers or bulk bag loaders, are mechanical devices used across industries. They are designed to fill large, flexible containers with various bulk materials such as chemicals, grains, minerals, and powders. They are vital in streamlining the process of packaging and transporting bulk goods, allowing for precise and high-capacity loading of materials into the bags. If you are interested in buying our bulk bag fillers, browse our list of used bulk bag fillers for sale and find the appropriate one that can fulfill your requirements.

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How Do Bulk Bag Fillers Work?

The working of bulk bag fillers is a straightforward process involving several steps. The process begins by hanging the empty bag on a holder. Next, the bulk material, such as powders, grains, or chemicals, is dispensed from a hopper or conveyor system into the bag. Most bulk bag fillers have integrated weighing systems to ensure precise filling. After filling it with the desired weight, the bag is released from the holder. Some fillers maximize their capacity by agitating the materials filled inside or shaking the bag. These bag fillers are important in various industries, to streamline the handling of bulk materials and ensure efficiency and accuracy in the packaging process.

Types of Bulk Bag Fillers

Several types of bulk bag fillers are available to accommodate the specific needs of industries. The commonly used bag filler types are as follows:

  • Gravity-fed Fillers:As the name suggests, they rely on gravity to dispense bulk materials into the bags. Gravity-fed fillers are ideal for free-flowing, non-abrasive materials. They are used in industries like agriculture food processing, and more.
  • Auger Fillers: They make use of a rotating screw or auger to move and dispense materials into the bags. These fillers can handle fine powders and materials with precision filling.
  • Air-Packer Fillers:They use compressed air to fluidize materials and convey them into the bag. Thus, they are used for lightweight, fine, materials like cement, fly ash, and flour.
  • Screw Conveyor Fillers:These fillers are suitable for materials that require controlled and continuous filling. They use a screw conveyor to transfer and dispense bulk materials. 
  • Vibratory Fillers:Vibratory fillers are used for granular or irregularly shaped materials. They use vibration to settle the material inside the bag. 
  • Bulk Bag Fillers with Weighing Systems:Many bulk bag fillers consist of weighing systems for accurate and consistent filling. They can be gravity-based or use load cells for precise measurement.
  • Adjustable Spout Fillers:They comprise adjustable spouts that accommodate various bag sizes and types, providing flexibility in the filling process.

The selection of an appropriate bulk bag filler depends on several factors, including the specific material being handled, the level of precision needed in the filling process, the required filling rate, and more. Each type of filler mentioned above is designed to meet the unique requirements of different industries and materials.

Factor Considerations When Selecting Bulk Bag Fillers

There are several factors to consider when selecting bulk bag fillers for your applications. Here are key considerations to take into account.

  • The first important consideration is understanding the material characteristics being filled. Understand and analyze the bulk material such as flow ability, abrasiveness, particle size, and density. Select the appropriate one considering your application requirements.
  • Next, calculate the desired throughput and the total number of bags to be filled per hour. Choose the filler with the appropriate filling capacity.
  • Also, consider the type and size of bulk bags. Some fillers are more specialized, while others accommodate various bag sizes.
  • Ensure the fillers you work with have all safety measures, especially when dealing with hazardous materials.
  • Measure the accuracy level required for filling the bags. Bag fillers with integrated weighing systems are preferred for precise measurement.
  • Choose a filler with minimal maintenance, durability, and a long lifespan.
  • Environmental conditions are essential as they can impact the choice of materials and coatings. 
  • When working with industries like food and pharmaceuticals, choose fillers designed for sanitization and easy cleaning to meet hygiene standards. Also, verify their regulatory standards and safety guidelines relevant to your industry.
  • Most applications demand customized fillers to meet specific needs, so discuss customization options with the supplier.

Reasons to Choose Used Bulk Bag Fillers for Your Applications

Bag fillers are extremely important if you have a grocery, retail or food supply business as they support in automatically filling bags with products without human intervention. This will surely save your time, effort and money while increasing the production and efficiency in your business. There are several reasons why one should go for used bag fillers. A few amongst them are:

  • One of the main reasons why people prefer to buy our used bag fillers is that they are cheaper than new bag fillers. Price charged for them is much less than the price for a new bag filler.
  • They are durable if maintained well and used for the intended purpose. The bag filling stations can last for more than 10 years, which means that it will provide excellent value for money. There is no need to immediately buy new ones when the old ones are doing fine.
  • Used and surplus bag fillers equipment market is huge. They are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, styles, single or multilayer construction, and different outlet sizes, among others.
  • Used bag fillers can be replacements for damaged equipment, or can be used as back-ups for new systems. They also serve as great opportunities for companies to save money when upgrading their bag filler solution.
  • A lot of businesses that use used material handling equipment are able to save up on operational expenditures without compromising the quality of their processes

Applications of Used Bag Fillers

Bulk bag filler machines are largely used by food and pharmaceutical, mining, agricultural and chemical fertilizer industries to fill following products in bags.

  • Granules
  • Flakes
  • Powders
  • Candies
  • Nuts
  • Chips

Why Buy Used and Surplus Bulk Bag Fillers from JM Industrial?

JM Industrial is one of the prominent suppliers of used and surplus industrial packaging equipment, which includes bag fillers and more. We ensure a long lifespan of all these bag spinners and businesses can expect an early return on investment (ROI) as well. Following are some important reasons why you can consider JM Industrial for used bulk bag fillers. 

  • At JM Industrial, we accept bag fillers only from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. Also, we inspect all the bag fillers when they enter our inventory and before they are shipped out. All our used products are in a good working condition. Thus, you don’t have to worry about their quality.
  • We provide a reliable platform for buyers and sellers across industries, which makes it beneficial for both parties. 
  • We provide technical guidance if required and excellent customer service. This helps you throughout the process – from selection to technical installation.
  • Almost always, we have both used and surplus bulk bag fillers on our web portal available for immediate shipment. This allows businesses to acquire the equipment without waiting for lengthy lead times associated with ordering new equipment.
  • We also customize most of our used equipment to align with your specific processing needs. This can save you time and money on modifications.
  • We do offer the required accessories along with the equipment.
  • We offer the best prices on all bulk orders of used industrial equipment

If you are looking for highly efficient bulk bag fillers, look no further. JM Industrial is the leading provider of wide range of packaging equipment such as bag dump stationsbag sealersbalers & compactorsbox dumpersbulk bag unloaders and more at an affordable price. Reach out to our customer care executives at the earliest and see what best we can offer to meet your specialized material handling requirements.

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