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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused lift tables from Autoquip manufacturer in various specifications. Lift tables are devices designed for elevating objects to the ergonomic comfort level of lift operators. These tables are simple devices with a smart design that offers significant utility in several applications. In different industries like mechanical, metal-fabrication, carpentry, chemical industry, etc, the lift tables are used to level-up the workpieces. This prevents the operator from muscular-skeletal disorders (MSDs) by not forcing them to bend or overexert themselves to reach the object located below their comfort level. It is not essential to buy brand new lift tables for limited applications, in fact, you can invest in used ones, too. JM Industrial offers high quality used and surplus lift tables from Autoquip. JM Industrial stocks various types of used packaging equipment for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Surplus and Used Lift Tables Offered by JM Industrial

The following are the types of lift tables we offer at JM Industrial.

  • Pantograph Lift Tables: These pantograph types of lift tables feature a specific type of mechanical linkage called pantograph that elevates the tabletop with minimum effort. We offer these pantograph lift tables from the manufacturers called Autoquip. These are hydraulically operated surplus lift table units are electromechanically designed units that offer features like ON/OFF/STOP on electronic or handheld controls.
  • Scissor Lift Tables: These scissor types of lift tables feature a scissor lift mechanism that elevates two sets of legs of tables at a time to elevate the tabletop.

Applications of Used Lift Tables

The following are some industrial uses of lift tables offered by JM Industrial.

  • Pallet handling
  • Load positioning for conveyor systems
  • Workpiece ergonomic handling
  • Vehicle part loading and docking
  • Component loading and off-loading
  • Metalworking activities like welding, filleting, filing, soldering, etc.

Why Buy Used Lift Tables over New Ones

There are multiple benefits of buying used lift tables. The significant benefits of used and surplus lift tables offered by JM Industrial are listed below.

  • Tested Performance Assurance: All the used and surplus lift tables listed on this page are tested for their effectiveness. Therefore, if you buy used lift tables, then their functionality and operational requirements are already tried and tested for you.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Used products are sold at 1/4th of the original prices of brand new lift tables. Therefore, you get the same function at a lower cost which makes your purchase cost-efficient.
  • Quick Supply: All surplus and used lift tables listed here are available in our inventory. Therefore, supply time is quite less if you buy used lift tables.

Tips to Choose Used and Surplus Lift Tables for Your Applications

Due to varying requirements of industrial applications and features of lift tables, the confusion is obvious. This is why you must consider the following factors while selecting used lift tables.

  • Suitable Type of Lifting Mechanism: The lifting mechanisms in the surplus lift tables define the comfort and compatibility of the operation. Therefore, you must check for the suitable type of lifting mechanism and its efficiency. The operating mechanism must be suitable for the operator to use and it should also give an efficient performance.
  • Maximum Elevated Height: Since the main purpose of using lift tables is to elevate objects, you must check at what height the tabletop can be elevated. One should select the lift table which can offer optimum height to reduce operators' MSDs.
  • Load Lifting Capacity: You should check the load lifting capacity of the lift table according to a load of objects from your application.

Why Choose JM Industrial

JM Industrial is a highly reputed supplier of used and surplus lift tables. The following qualities of us make us an ideal supplier for your used lift tables.

  • Reasonable Pricing: We offer good quality used lift tables at considerably low prices as compared to industry competitors.
  • Assured Quality: Our experts thoroughly test the products for performance and quality. We certainly assure the quality of products offered by us.
  • Customer Support and Technical Assistance: During or after the purchase, we offer 100% technical assistance and customer support to make your purchase and operation easy.

In case of any queries, please contact our team. Our experts will be happy to assist you with the purchase, technical queries, installation, and maintenance. We buy and sell used and surplus packaging equipments including Bag sealers, Bag dump stations, Bag Dumpers as well as other used industrial equipment. Currently, we have more than 3000 pieces of equipment in our ready-to-ship inventory. You can get in touch with our team today to know more about any of the products listed on this page. We would be happy to serve you

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