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JM industrial buys and sells used and unused rectangular screeners from leading manufacturers in various specifications. When it comes to particle separation, there are various options out there to choose from. Among all, rectangular vibratory screeners are the most popular and known for their high screening capacity. These screeners are widely used for screening oversized contaminants from materials. Our screeners are ideal for dry material separation that can be made in various particle sizes. We offer the best used and unused screeners by keeping customer requirements in mind. JM Industrial stocks various types of used screeners for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Used Rectangular Screeners Available at JM Industrial

These screeners by and large are used for screening, filtering, and sifting out particles, granules, and even liquids of various types. However, their methods are quite different and largely depend on the model design. We offer various types and models of used rectangular vscreeners. Here are some of them.

  • Rectangular vibrating screeners: These are vibratory screeners with a rectangular shape. Depending on your requirement, they can be compactly designed. They are easy to install and use.
  • Gyro sifter screeners: Made of robust metals such as steel, these separators have a bolt-on sectional top covers. The vibratory motor of this screener type produces gyrating motion.
  • Single deck shaker separator: Mostly made of carbon or stainless steel, these screeners are mostly big in size, of around 30-35 square feet of total area with two screens of size around 35 inches each.

Working Principle of Rectangular Separator

The working of these rectangular separators or screeners is type or model specific, although the purpose is to sift, screen, and clean the given material. These vibrating screens help sift the material or liquid based on the particle size. These screens are of various types in terms of motion, such as linear, circular, rolling, elliptical, and so on. Based on the motion type, the working method changes. For instance, in case of circular vibrating screens, there is a rotating shaft placed on the screen box and it is powered by a motor, which enables high speed rotation. The rotation of this shaft produces centrifugal force which helps the screen box vibrate in a circular motion.

Why Buy Used Rectangular Screeners?

Buying most types of used industrial equipment has its own benefits, and rectangular screeners are no exception. Here are some pointers which explain the benefits of investing in a used rectangular screener for your industrial application.

  • Depreciation: One would definitely check the amount of wear and depreciation vis-à-vis the cost when it comes to buying used Rotex screeners or Other screeners. However, the rate of depreciation is quite high when the item is relatively new such as one or two years old. On the other hand, depreciation reduces as the item turns older. While this may be surprising, it certainly helps reduce the extra costs one would spend on frequent repairs and subsequent production downtime.
  • Affordability and maintenance: Used screeners are definitely cheaper then new ones in terms of cost. Aside from this, they are low on maintenance, and especially when you source them from us, we ensure this aspect. We perform any required maintenance and repairs of the screeners as soon as we receive them. Also, when dispatching we check their working condition. Hence they are cost effective in the long run.
  • Easy availability: Needless to say, used rectangular screeners are ready and hence easily available. So, you actually save on the waiting time for the new one to be produced. They are stocked with us at almost all times, and hence can be shipped immediately or as required.
  • Environmental aspect: Nowadays, this is definitely an important factor as ecofriendly items have gained more traction, and rightly so. By investing in a used screener, you actually save the energy, resource, and materials required to manufacture a new screener. So, you actually reduce carbon footprint, and this is an important contribution towards the environment.

Beneficial Features of Rectangular Vibratory Screeners Offered By JM Industrial

A rectangular vibratory screener is called so as it has a rectangular shape. Following beneficial features make them popular in comparison with other mechanical screeners.

  1. Highly Compact Design: These screeners have a simple, compact design and structure which makes them ideal for production lines. This simple design does not affect its quality or productivity. Our rectangular vibratory screeners are known for achieving higher throughput.
  2. Increased Cleanability: This is one of the important benefits offered by vibratory screeners. In the case of conventional screeners, there are various hidden places that act as bug traps. This is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, with a stainless steel and compact design structure with lesser contact parts, vibratory screeners allow the operator to clean and replace the screen easily.
  3. High Impurity Control: In conventional screeners, the rotary shifter orces materials through the screen. This may damage the mesh, and the operator will not able to inspect the oversized materials. This results in the loss of quality materials. Our rectangular vibratory screeners overcome this problem by using a vibratory motion for sieving. Here, magnetic separators are used to remove oversized contaminants. This helps improve accuracy as well as material control.
  4. Improved Usability: Our rectangular screeners are easy to operate and do not need any extra tools for disassembly. This means changing the screen is easier compared to other screeners. More to this, these screeners are easy to maintain and reduce downtime related to service.

Applications of Rectangular Vibratory Screeners

These high-performance industrial vibratory screeners offer various advantages including excellent cleanability, impurity control, and high screening capacity. These vibratory screeners play an important role in the following industries:

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Plastic Materials
  • Confectioneries
  • Spices and Herbs
  • Metal Processing
  • Food Industry
  • Diamond Cutting and Grinding Tools
  • Recycling and Environmental
  • Cosmetics

JM Industrial is a well-known reseller of unused and used screeners,  used round vibratory screenersused screener drivesused screener parts and more. All our concerned teams are extremely efficient and can cater to all your doubts about these screeners in terms of quality, usage, pricing, and more. They can also help you with the selection process in case of any confusion. If you need to make an enquiry, share your requirements, or have any questions about our used screeners, you can reach us via phone or email.

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