Used and Surplus Round Vibratory Screeners

JM industrial buys and sells used and unused round vibratory screeners from leading manufacturers in various specifications. Screening equipment is regularly used in various industries including mining and mineral processing, food plastics and more for a variety of processing applications. This equipment differentiates based on shape, size, and configuration to meet diverse industrial requirements. Round vibratory screeners, also known as circular vibratory screeners, are popular among the others. JM Industrial stocks various types of used screeners for sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Types of Round Vibratory Screeners Provided by JM Industrial

Round vibratory screeners offer various beneficial features that make them an accurate and efficient screening solution to meet your needs. We provide the following types of round vibrating screeners:

  • Single-deck Screeners: These screeners especially utilized for sifting or scalping, which removes a small number of oversize materials with the help of the upper discharge spout. More to this, they have become a global standard for de-dusting and de-watering of several bulk products. De-dusting removes undersized materials through the lower discharge spout. On the other hand, de-watering, as its name suggests, removes liquids through the lower discharge spout.
  • Double-deck Screeners: These screeners are utilized for screening of particles in predetermined sizes to increase the screeners’ capacity without increasing their diameter. As the result, they offer maximum throughput and can gently handle the classification of solid particles ranging in different sizes. These screeners are available for fast in-place cleaning and wash-down, rapid screen changes.

Applications of Circular Vibratory Screeners

Round vibrating screeners are made of carbon and stainless steel along with dust enclosures for various applications. Following are some of their application areas:

  • Screening or sizing plastic pellets
  • Classifying and sizing aggregate chemicals and materials
  • Separating materials for recycling and recovery
  • De-watering mined materials


Being one of the leading buyers and sellers of industrial process packaging equipment, we assist our clients in the selection of used and unused industrial screeners. Our screeners perfectly fit into production lines and offer screening capacity without requiring excessive headroom. Our inventory of screeners offers a wide choice and helps you achieve a higher throughput. If you are looking for used or unused round vibrating screeners, JM Industrial is a one-stop solution for you.

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